Blogger Brunch With The Summit Birmingham

Hi, friends! Apologies for being a little MIA lately—a new job I started a few months back has been taking up a lot of my time and creative energy (in the BEST way!), but unfortunately that does mean I have a bit less time for blogging. On that front, it’s likely that I’m going to be moving more of my content towards my Instagram, so be sure to keep up with me there. However, I did want to share some details on a fun event I attended last weekend with some fabulous fellow bloggers from around the Birmingham area! The Summit (my go-to place to shop in the ‘Ham, for those of you not familiar) was kind enough to invite all of us to a fabulous brunch styled and sponsored by some of our favorite brands. Real talk—it was fabulously decorated, and it’s always so much fun for me to be able to connect with fellow bloggers! I’ve met some of my best friends through events like this, and by the time the brunch was over (and we were all a bit overserved on mimosas), let’s just say I walked out with plenty of new best friends. They wined and dined us with cocktails, delicious food, swag bags, and even a flower crown making tutorial (see all of the credits at the end of the post!). Check out the photos below to see some of my favorite moments, and get details on what I wore at the end of the post!












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Photography by: Stacy Kate Allen @stacykate and/or Mountain Side Photo Co @mountainsidephotoco

Styling by: West Elm @westelmbirmingham

Food by: Shindigs @shindigs

Florals by: Vera Flora Design @verafloradesign

Many thanks to The Summit for such a fabulous event!

Bloom Where You Are Planted












“Bloom where you are planted.”

I love this saying as it’s a constant reminder to a serial planner like myself to make my best effort to be grateful for where I am in life. I’ve never exactly been a “go with the flow” person when it comes to my personal life; honestly I think I’d be much more at ease sometimes if my planner was conveniently marked “Job offer coming up on the 12th!” or “Quarter life crisis planned for the last week of this month!”. All jokes aside, I’ve been chatting with many friends lately who share my same sense of discomfort in our search for identity and some sort of consistency. Misery always loves company, doesn’t it? It always seems in times when I’m most lost, though, my faith is always at an all time high. When talking the other day with a friend about all of the many confusions of being a twenty-something, I was so excited to share a verse that another good friend had shared with me during a long chat over Christmas break:

Philippians 4:7: “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

I’d heard this verse many times before, but it never truly sunk into me until a few weeks ago. Honestly, I almost cried happy years right in the middle of our walk because I finally got it. During times of loneliness and confusion, I spend so much time talking God’s ear off about all of my problems. I come with a laundry list every night before I go to bed of issues I’d like fixed, and a “wishlist” if you will, of the way I’d like my life to look in the future. It never occurred to me until these conversations with my friends that instead of coming to God with my list of demands, I should instead come simply asking for peace–a kind of peace that is so calming and reassuring that I literally do not care to make sense of anything anymore, because it’s out of my hands. And in great hands, at that.

My prayer for anyone who is reading this is that you will allow the peace of Christ to quiet all of the questions and worry you have running around in your mind day to day. I pray that you’ll find peace with exactly where you are in life and will find joy in giving up the illusion of control to someone who has carefully crafted each day beyond our comprehension. Love each day in all its glory, and bloom wherever you are planted.

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Blush Bow-Tie Top– ASOS | Black Flowy Culottes– ASOS | Earrings- Vintage Chanel | Lace-Up Flats– Sam Edelman

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25 Ways to Have a Happier Monday








I don’t know about anyone else, but today was one of the Mondayest Mondays I’ve had in a while. No amount of coffee could help how much I was struggling along, though believe me I did try to make it work. Recently, I’ve been compiling a list of ways to be happier, based on things I’d want to hear from a friend when I’m feeling down. Since Lord knows I could certainly benefit from this list at the moment, I couldn’t think of a more perfect time to share! Below are 25 ideas I came up with to help you have a happier Monday:

  1. Buy yourself a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. This is a perfect mini-splurge that’ll lift the mood in any room. Hint: Trader Joe’s is always my go-to for the best flowers at affordable prices!
  2. Put down your phone for an hour. Seriously, I think we would all be appalled if we added up the amount of hours staring at our phones all day. That much screen-staring can seriously strain your eyes and drain your energy. Better yet, commit to a social media break for a few weeks. Sometimes you need to teach yourself some tough-but-necessary lessons on what’s occupying your time.
  3. Get some fresh air. Call up a friend you haven’t seen in a while to go on a walk, or take your pups for a walk around the neighborhood. Dogs make everything better.
  4. Simply relocate. If you find yourself in the same routine of coming home after work and sitting in the same spot on the couch, just get a change of scenery! Sit on the front or back porch instead. It’ll literally give you a fresh perspective on things.
  5. Pay someone a compliment. It’s no secret that us ladies can get pretty competitive sometimes. But everyone has their own insecurities and can really use a surprise compliment more than you know. P.S. Nothing bad will happen to you by lifting someone else up. Their reaction may just light up your day!
  6. Read a book. I have great news for you: being an adult means you get to read what you want, any time you want! No more being force-fed great American classics by professors. Pick up something that interests you, and dive in. Hint: Some of those classics are actually really good, and much easier to appreciate on your own time!
  7. Cook something nourishing. Challenge yourself to cook something that’s truly good for you with the freshest ingredients you can find. Right now, I can’t get enough of bell peppers, spinach, grilled chicken, and zucchini. (I got hungry just typing that…)
  8. Grab a cup of coffee. Here’s the catch: don’t take it to-go. If you have half an hour to spare, go sit at that local coffee shop you’ve been meaning to check out, and just go! Bring work if you need to, but don’t be afraid to just go sit by yourself, enjoy a cup of Joe, and do a little people watching.
  9. Actually eat breakfast. I’m speaking to myself on this one as much as anyone else. You can whip up some avocado toast in about 5 minutes, and it’ll give you so much more energy to get through the day.
  10. Talk it out. I’m pretty much a professional at bottling things up, so again, all fingers pointed at me. We all have things constantly weighing us down, so sit down with someone you trust to both talk (and listen) to clear your conscience.
  11. Be mindful of your bedtime routine. If your bedtime routine currently looks like sorta-kinda taking off your makeup, giving your teeth a quick brush, then scrolling through Instagram until you fall asleep, it might be time for a few adjustments. We’ve all seen (and ignored) the studies that all say the same thing: you are guaranteed a better night’s sleep if you fall asleep without your phone. (This seems to be a reoccurring theme in this list.) Lose the phone. Give yourself a facial, put on your favorite pj’s, drink a big glass of water, and fall asleep to a good book instead.
  12. Drink water. Nothing else. For a week straight. BRB Chardonnay. We are in this together.
  13. Wear actual pajamas! Save the oversized college t-shirt for the gym. Wearing cute pj’s gives me the illusion that I have my life together. Actually getting your life together can wait until the morning.
  14. Write it down. If it’s getting your planner together, your daily to-do list, your bucket list, or just something you really need to get off your mind, put it on a piece of paper. Studies show that people who write down their goals are more likely to accomplish them than those who don’t. Plus, we all love that immediate gratification of putting that little check mark beside completed tasks.
  15. Do a clean-out of everything you’ve been ignoring. Your purse. Your bathroom cabinets. Your glove compartment. Under your bed. Your catch-all drawer. Take it one item at a time, and it’ll make a big difference!
  16. Begin a long-term project. In a world often focused on immediate gratification, learn to enjoy the process instead. Set lofty goals such as learning a new language (use this free app!), and commit to studying for a certain amount of time every night. This will set you up for happiness in your accomplishments down the road.
  17. Light a candle. There’s something so soothing about burning a yummy candle that warms up the whole room. This one from Anthropologie is my absolute favorite.
  18. Go out of your way for someone else. Here’s the catch: don’t tell anyone you did it. A little happiness and a little humility can go a long way.
  19. Get rid of excess. Oh boy, I could write an entire novel about this one. (In fact, someone already did!) I’ll try to keep it short and sweet if I can: think about what you truly need to survive. Get rid of things you don’t wear in your closet, even if you like them. (I really did just say that, and meant it.) Guess what? You will still be clothed. Go on a cleanse for a few days. It’ll teach you how much you actually need to eat to get through the day. Repeat this mantra: Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
  20. Turn off the news. I know, I know. It’s important to be informed. But frankly, the news doesn’t offer much of anything positive these days. Instead, either turn off the TV completely, or start watching a show that’s good for the soul. My mom and I just started This Is Us, and we are hooked!
  21. Stretch. If you don’t have a regular exercise routine, it may have been a while since you’ve given your muscles the loosening up they probably need. (Idea: Stretch during commercial breaks while watching This Is Us! See above.)
  22. Stop being so hard on yourself. This is the hardest one for me. Just know that if you’re here today, you’re doing something right. We have all been through dark valleys and up mountains, but just take a few minutes to stop and think of all of the unique experiences you’ve had unlike anyone else that have shaped and molded you into who you are. There is no one on this earth like you, who knows all of the things you do, who has seen the things from the perspective you have. That, my friends, is something to be joyful about.
  23. Call your grandparents! Aside from grandparents being the best to begin with, they also have a few decades of wisdom you can soak up if you make the time.
  24. Do something you love…even if you’re not “that good” at it. For me, it’s painting. I wouldn’t consider myself anywhere near a truly talented painter, but I do it anyway simply because it’s fun and relaxing. Maybe it’s playing guitar or some other old hobby, but don’t shy away from hobbies that bring you joy simply because they’re not “performance ready.”
  25. Choose happiness. I know, easier said than done. It takes time to get to a place when you realize that happiness is a choice. The truth is that both good and bad things are inevitably going to happen to you every day. The sooner you accept that fact and choose to roll with the punches and focus on the good, the happier you’ll be!

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The Best of 2016

As this year comes to a close (and oh, what a year it’s been!) I decided to take a look back at my year in blogging. I’ll be the first to admit that I can be my own worst critic on the content I produce, and oftentimes I don’t feel like I’m growing at the pace I would prefer, both in quality and quantity. However, it has been so rewarding to look at how far I’ve come in the past year! I love seeing how my content directly reflects my growing as a person as it matures and refines every day. Although we’re all still works in progress, I can honestly say my content is more “me” than ever, and I can only imagine what progress I’ll see a year from now!

Though blogging is a business through and through, my New Year’s Resolution is to put quality above quantity and to make my little corner of the internet completely unique to my personal brand. I’ve pulled a few of my favorite moments both from my blog and Instagram from the past year as a little memoir of 2016. It’s brought back quite a bit of nostalgia looking back at favorite moments like my trip to Greece, my college graduation, and collaborations I once would only dream of. From my favorite looks I put together, to little snapshots of my daily life, these images are truly representative of my best self and where I’d like to see my brand continue to go in the future. Though this year had many, many ups and downs, I vote that we all come back stronger and more resilient than ever in pursuing our passions with our whole heart. So here’s to another year full of champagne, classic femininity, coffee (and lots of it), and continuing to be inspired by whatever is around us, wherever we are.

Au revoir, 2016!





















































Cozy at the Lake

The lake this time of year is absolutely dreamy. I love being able to take weekend trips with my family, and even though we’re in the middle of a major drought, our little place by the water is still my favorite place to cozy up and relax for the weekend. Since the colors of the leaves are in their prime, I’ll often find myself taking long drives to take in all of the scenery of the rural area around where our house is located. (And sometimes find a friendly horse or two in a field off the side of the road!) However, there’s truly nothing better than bundling up on the dock with a warm cup of coffee and my favorite fluffy sweater while watching the waves roll in.

I purchased this sweater last year from Nordstrom (currently on sale under $30!), and it has been my favorite ever since! It probably won’t be long until I purchase it in another color, but for now, the mocha color is my favorite! It’s easy to throw on with a pair of black leggings for lounging around the house, or dressing up with a pair of leather leggings for a night out. I recently snagged this adorable kate spade new york ‘wink’ beanie (recognize this from my gift guides?) and broke out my Bean Boots for a look that’s both practical and chic.

I couldn’t resist taking a few snapshots around the outside of our house, so enjoy a little peek at that as well! Be sure to keep up with the blog later in the week as I’ll have a lot of the inside scoop on all things Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Also on that note, if you haven’t already, be sure to enter my giveaway for a $1000 gift card to the place of your choosing just in time for these major shopping days! (Hurry, because it ends tomorrow!) You can either enter through the original post, or choose to enter at the end of this post where the same Rafflecopter is linked again. Best of luck!



















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