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Trusting Your God Feeling

A little food for thought over my lunch break:

Something I’ve struggled with a lot over the past couple of months is hearing God’s voice. I’ve become jealous of those who claim to have deep, thoughtful conversations with Him in which He tells them what to do, where to go, how to handle any certain situation. I’ve had many of these talks with Him, but have always felt like they were completely one-sided with no answers. 
People always say to “trust your gut” and to “listen to that little voice inside your head.” I hear that little voice all the time in sticky and hurtful situations. That gut feeling saying “this is the right thing to do,” or a moment of clarification that says “this bad thing happened so that this good thing could happen” or just a flat out “buckle up, this is about to hurt.” Well, this may not come as a shock to anyone else, but it occurred to me during those months of soul searching that that “gut feeling” I so often credit my own conscience for, might just be God’s own voice I had been searching for far and wide. 

It’s much easier to push that voice aside when you assume it’s your own. But just as outside our mind when someone is talking to you, it’s considered completely rude to ignore what they’re saying. You can imagine me feeling a little embarrassed when all of this first crossed my mind. 
Clichés like “trusting your gut” exist for a reason. And how very comforting it is to know that God’s voice and love exists no further than right under our noses, in our gut feeling–which, if we recognize it, becomes our God feeling.