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The Greece Diaries: Travel Colorfully with kate spade new york

“She looks for adventure around every corner.”

You don’t have to know me very well to know that I’m a lover of all things kate spade. I’m constantly inspired by the brand’s clever words, playful color combinations, and quirky motifs. That’s why when the ksny team emailed me a few weeks ago to help them celebrate the brand new Summer 2016 collection, I was truly over the moon.

The kate spade new york summer 2016 collection embodies all the charm of collections past, giving even the most playful items an air of sophistication. Tropical creatures such as seahorses and turtles are the star characters of this season, paired with rich hues of blue and green as supporting actors (or actresses, if we’re being fair!). This collection is begging for a tropical escape, be it a cocktail on the front porch or a far-off destination.

Summertime is the time for adventure, whether that means stepping out in brightly colored heels adorned with friendly parrots, or dancing through the streets of Santorini in a flowing dress reminiscent of a scene from Mamma Mia!. (Or if you’re like me, getting accidentally-on-purpose turned around while window-shopping with my Orchard Street Hemsley.) This outfit, in particular, reflects everything I fell in love with most about Santorini, from the punchy pinks of the bougainvillea draping every doorway, to the blues and whites of the Greek flag always waving nearby.

No matter where I find myself this summer, I’m opting to be in a constant state of curiosity and wonder. After all, vacation is a state of mind.

Outfit Details

Dress // Necklace // Shoes // Purse // Scarf

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(All courtesy of kate spade new york)


IMG_9971-1 copy-cb

IMG_0132-1-cb copy

IMG_0299-1-cb copy

IMG_0211-1-cb copy

IMG_0311-1-cb copy


IMG_9998-1-cb copy

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Shop my favorite picks of the collection below!


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The Greece Diaries: GiGi New York Takes Oia

If you caught last night’s post, you know how we all fell in love with the island of Santorini, especially the picturesque little town of Oia! I loved exploring the cobblestone streets full of tucked away shops and restaurants, especially with this bag from GiGi New York in tote. The Stella Foldover Clutch (currently 20% off for Memorial Day Weekend!) was the perfect travel bag, as it could be worn with a long strap as a crossbody bag, or with no strap as a handheld clutch. If we’re being real, I was a bit paranoid the entire trip because I had heard so much about pickpockets. I felt a lot safer using this bag because A. The foldover style makes it a bit of a challenge for anyone else to reach into and B. If it had gotten snatched, the new owner would have had the lovely privilege of carrying around a bag with my monogram on it! (I’m only half joking.)

This dress turned out to be the comfiest traveling dress, although I was so glad I brought a slip to wear under it since the white color could be a bit sheer, and also because it was so windy! (Seriously, the wind was kind of out of control, on this island in particular.) This dress is only $25 and comes in so many great colors, I’ll probably be purchasing a few more soon!

This hat was a great accessory to keep my hair as in-control as possible given the crazy weather. And speaking of crazy weather, if you’re traveling to Santorini, don’t be like me and forget a rain jacket! Not pictured here for obvious reasons: the neon green rain jacket I had to quickly purchase in a small shop to shield me from the most miserable wind and rainstorm that occurred just a few hours before this. Thankfully, the sun came out just in time for us to fully appreciate our day-trip in Oia!


Outfit Details

Boater Hat – Urban Outfitters // Off-the-shoulder dress ($25 and comes in multiple different colors!) – ASOS // Scarf – Target // Purse – GiGi New York (c/o) // Espadrilles – Soludos










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The Greece Diaries: Tour Through Santorini

Santorini wins the title for the most pinned island out of all 3,000 islands in Greece. If you’ve seen photos of colorful houses with blue dome tops all stacked on one another, it’s likely that you’ve been looking at Oia, one of the most beautiful cities on the island of Santorini. While Oia might be the most photogenic of the cities on the island, Santorini has so much more to offer than people often give it credit for!



When talking about Santorini, you’ll often hear people refer to it in terms of the west side vs. the east side. Oia lives on the west side, along with Fira, the capital. This is the side that the sun sets on, where you’ll find extremely steep hills called the “caldera” (basically a deep depression in the land made from a volcanic eruption). This side offers stunning views overlooking the Aegean Sea, and is also home to some of the most expensive hotels and residential areas on the island.




The east side is where we made our home, in Kamari, which is most famous for its Black Sand Beach. The “sand” is actually made up of giant black pebbles, which was something really interesting and beautiful to see for a change! From experience, my suggestion would be to stay on the east side and travel to the west side, simply because the east side isn’t so overridden with tourists! (Keep in mind, we visited during late May, which was even before the high season.) Kamari had a great little seaside strip full of restaurants with all of the traditional Greek food you could desire, and it was only a 20-minute drive from Fira, and about 45 from Oia (which isn’t so much when you have all day to explore!)



Can we have a moment to appreciate the sign that says “rent a cat”? I’m telling you, they’re everywhere!






One of my favorite experiences from Santorini was an all-day excursion we took around the island with a group. We rode around on a gorgeous sailboat to all of the highlight locations, including the active volcano on the island, the hot springs, and an afternoon sail past Oia. We were actually able to hike up to the top of the active volcano, which was such a cool experience! While it was certainly a challenge, it wasn’t too grueling for anyone to complete. Volcanoes actually look much different up close than your kindergarten science project might have suggested, such as the fact that it’s really just a giant hole of dirt and no lava. But, don’t get me wrong, the experience was still totally worth it. I would say the most challenging part of the day was swimming in the hot springs, because in order to get to the hot springs, you actually have to swim through the ice cold waters of the Aegean Sea first…and then back again (life jackets not included). If you don’t consider yourself an experienced swimmer, I’d suggest enjoying the view from the boat!



The stairs are numbered (as seen below), if this gives you any idea of how steep the cliffs are!



Alas, we did make our way to Oia for the colorful, winding streets and famous sunset, and as you may have noticed, the majority of the photos in this post! (Told you it was photogenic.) The views were everything and more than we expected. Really, it was something straight out of a magazine! However, since we weren’t the only ones blown away by this hotspot, we made an effort to sneak away from the crowds and find our perch on a rooftop of a restaurant called Strogili to watch the sunset. It seems like our entire trip’s goal was to run away from large crowds, doesn’t it?! Anyway, I couldn’t have imagined a better view than the one we had!






Thanks for keeping up! Stick around for a few more posts on our time in Santorini, as well as tours through Mykonos and Athens coming up this week!





The Greece Diaries: Jetset Chic with Coach

If Greece taught me anything, it’s the importance of packing light! Between rushing to and from airports, ferries, and hotels, as well as everyday happenings, it was a lesson quickly learned. (If it tells you anything, we walked so much that I actually lost weight after eating my body weight in bread and olive oil!) Lightweight clothing and luggage just spacious enough for the necessities became my saving grace.

This chic mini bag from Coach‘s Spring 2016 collection is pint-sized perfection. When carrying a large bag around, I think we can all identify with the sudden need to fill it up with things we might need…and then regretting it several hours later. This bag holds the structure and style of the everyday Coach bags we know and love, now made stylishly convenient for savvy packers and jetsetters alike. This is the perfect lightweight travel bag for a day of exploring to tote around all of your essentials–and nothing more. Think: phone, wallet, portable charger, band-aids, and a single tube of lipstick. What’s even better? You can snag it on sale (over $100 off!) in a few different colors right now!

Pinterest can probably tell you better than I can that everything in Greece is based on a blue and white color scheme. Drawing a little inspiration from my surroundings, this white off-the-shoulder blouse and these navy and white shorts were the perfect pieces to accent my navy bag. This strappy white bikini top made a cameo as a bralette to help this look transition from day to night.

Outfit Details

Off-the-shoulder blouse – Riffraff (c/o) // Bikini Top – L*Space (c/o) // Shorts – Target // Earrings – Vanessa Mooney // Espadrilles – Soludos // Mini Bag – Coach (c/o)





IMG_0627-20-cbIMG_0599-14-cb copy





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The Greece Diaries: Tour Through Crete

The island of Crete was our first stop on our island hopping excursions of Greece. To be honest, I didn’t know a lot about it upon our arrival, but I soon fell in love with this quiet, flower-filled oasis. This was the perfect “warm up” to the remainder of our trip, because it helped us get used to the culture of Greece and its people without being too overwhelmed. We stayed on the north side of the island near the capital, Heraklion, at a quaint hotel called the Hersonissos Maris. It was darling and just tucked away enough to be away from the noise and crowds of the downtown area, and right on the coast for some amazing views.



While there weren’t many major sights suggested to us, we had the best time exploring the island on our own. This was where I quickly discovered how important it was to wear comfortable shoes! There were definitely a few pairs that stayed in my suitcase for the rest of the trip after this point (we’re talking two days in…), because you are literally on your feet all day, and comfort is not an option. These (below!) were by far the most comfortable shoes I packed, and my only wish is that I had purchased more!


We were really surprised and unprepared for how windy it was in Crete, which really turned out to be one of the least windy places we visited! There were some surprisingly strong winds late at night and early in the morning that no one else seemed to be bothered by. But, so it goes with a coastal town, and by the time the sun had risen the winds had all but disappeared.


Oh, by the way, there are cats everywhere. The restaurant owners don’t like them very much, but I was basically in heaven. They were so sweet and friendly!


Although our experience in Crete was mostly quiet and relaxing, we were able to travel up the mountain one night for an evening of traditional Cretan dinner and dancing, which was basically the most fun I’ve had in a long time. We really tried to stay away from all of the typical tourist excursions for this trip, so we were a bit skeptical about joining a big group for this event, but it truly was the most fun. We were able to interact with local Cretans and learn a few dance moves from them (which was a little difficult after the copious amounts of ouzo that was served, I might add).












Crete was home to some of the most gorgeous and interesting looking plants I’ve ever seen, with a surprising amount of cacti! We stayed for a total of 3 days (accounting one for travel), which was a perfect amount of time for exploring the many seaside restaurants, shops, and of course, beaches! The beaches were a bit more rocky than those I’m used to from the Gulf Coast, but were beautiful nonetheless with crystal clear water and breathtaking cliffside views. This was also our first taste of the wonderful and kind Greek people who always made us right at home, which would prove to be a commonality throughout our entire stay in Greece!