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Namast’ay in Bed

Sometimes, you’ve just got to take a “personal day” off from the world, stay in bed, watch Netflix, and treat yo’self. (Don’t tell your boss this was my idea…) But, why not do it in style? When I’m dressed my best, I feel like I can conquer any task. And, if that task happens to conquered from the comfort of my bed, who is anyone to complain?

I’ve scouted around some of my favorite boutiques for some must-have loungewear items to give you that extra oomph to make the most of your day off…even if that means finishing an entire season of Gossip Girl in one sitting. More power to you, girlfriend.

IMG_4789-7-cb copy

This cozy graphic pullover from Belle Boutique is perfect for all days in. It’s slightly oversized, but be sure to follow the washing instructions (hand wash cold, line dry), or yours might end up slightly cropped like mine! With its wide neck, I love pairing mine with one of my favorite lace halter bras from Free People, this one in the color ‘graphite’!




I really do try my best to keep things serious around here.


Shop my obsessively growing throw pillow collection below:

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Alert the media: These Show Me Your Mumu lounge pants are on major sale at Riffraff! Like, regularly $128, but now just $76.80. There are only a few sizes left, so hop on it before they disappear! I ordered a size small, and as comfy as they are oversized, I almost wish I had sized down for a more flattering fit!


As with any product from Show Me Your Mumu, I’ll probably end up having to get these hemmed a bit. Their products are fantastic for those with long stems, but for us average height girls (holla) a trip to the cleaners will usually follow any purchase! I’m still making up my mind if I’m going to treat these as strictly a loungewear item, or if I’ll wear them out on the town! Thoughts? Leave your vote in the comments!



Two things I love most of all (no surprise here) are Kate Spade, and coffee mugs.

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

The second is to admit you’re okay with it and add to your collection.


How cute is this gold and white striped Kate Spade coffee tumbler?! This is the perfect answer to lounging in bed without spilling your coffee, and also great for trekking across campus to your 8 a.m. classes. (Okay, or getting your boyfriend to drive you…thanks, Drew.)




Thanks for hangin’ out, peeps! Have a fab (and cozy) day off!




*Post in collaboration with Riffraff and Belle Boutique. Interested in sponsoring a post? Shoot me an email at!

Photo Credit: Katrina Phillips

January Favorites

Whenever I’m ready to soak up some creative ~inspo~, I seek out many sources, from other blogs, to Pinterest, to shopping around on my own to find products to freshen up my look. Streamlining all of this information into a sort of organized chaos helps me better apply it to my own life, as well as keeping record of where to seek out next time I’m needing a little creative boost!

Giving credit where credit is due, my new monthly series of ‘Favorites’ *ta da* is inspired by one of my long-time role models, Lauren Conrad, (yes, even in the Laguna Beach phase!) whose blog I keep up with regularly! Though I wish I could deliver an exciting round of ‘Friday Favorites’ every week a la L.C., duty calls. And by duty, I mean my professors who oh-so-kindly reminded us the first day of classes that they (I quote), “are not afraid to fail any seniors who think they can slack off.” Bear with me here.

So, here’s to looking forward to chatting on a somewhat random array of ‘favorites’ on a monthly basis, starting below! Enjoy!


Favorite Blogger: Christine Andrew of Hello, Fashion Blog

Christine Andrew

Talk about everything goals. Christine Andrew has been one of my absolute favorite people to keep up with, because that girl’s got style like nothing else. I die over how effortlessly she makes jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball cap look beyond chic, and then rocks the Christian Louboutin ‘So Kate’ pumps I’ve been lusting over without a hitch. Not only does she run her renowned blog and Instagram with 540k+ followers, but also manages her own clothing line, Ily Couture, and has one of the most photogenic families you’ll ever see! I love keeping up with all of them by following her Snapchat: @hellofashblog. Let me know how long it takes you to get hooked!

I can’t get enough of her and her little nug! Check them out below.


Favorite Beauty Product: Amika ‘Perk Up’ Dry Shampoo

amika_perkupdryshampoo_900x900_1I have been on the hunt for a quality dry shampoo for quite some time now, so I was thrilled when this baby showed up inside of my Birchbox this month! It smells fresh and fruity (without being over-the-top) and leaves none of the icky white residue some other products do (looking at you, baby powder). Dry shampoo is a must for anyone with a busy lifestyle as a student, or the real world alike. I can’t wait to purchase the full-sized version of this to use all semester long, and beyond!


Favorite Quote: “Let go, and let God.”


Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a control freak. Half the reason I’m constantly stressed out is because I feel like I’m always out of control of some aspect of my life, be it school, my work, relationships, or (I admit) my blog. Here’s what I’m doing to cope: I’m making a list (one of my favorite things to do!) of all of the things that are currently stressing me out, long-term or short-term. Then, by each item, I’m marking (and being honest) if it is something in or out of my control. If it’s in my control, I make a pact with myself to stop complaining and make an attainable plan to fix it. If it’s out of my control, I vow to pray, pray, pray, and otherwise let it be.


Favorite Splurge: S’well Water Bottle


Okay, $35+ for a water bottle is a lot. But, if guys can splurge on their Yeti water bottles and accessories, then we can too! With a structure that keeps liquid cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, and with tons of super chic designs, I consider it well worth the splurge.

Heads up: the 9 oz bottle is pretty tiny, and the 25 oz is kind of huge. I would probably shoot for the 17 oz bottle for the most manageable size to carry around! My favorite patterns (as shown above) are the ‘Sparkling Champagne‘ and ‘Sand Python.’


Favorite Quirky Find: Cat Headphones from Urban Outfitters.


Cue vibes from Taylor Swift’s ’22’ music video that I am still so not over. These quirky cat-ear headphones are too adorable to pass up, and not a bad price for headphones these days at just $40! Meow.


Favorite Style Inspo: Paris!

Is it just me, or do Parisians seem to do everything better? I’ve been seeing a lot of Paris-inspired attire lately, or at least the American version of what we think Parisians dress like (ha!). Some of my favorite picks I’ve seen are this graphic tee, my new favorite read, Love, Style, Life by French blogger and illustrator extraordinaire, Garance Doré, this classic trench coat, and this darling silk paisley scarf, that you can learn how to tie like a true French woman here.

Disclaimer: Do yourself a favor and hit up Google Translate before purchasing any item with foreign text on it to avoid looking silly to anyone in-the-know!

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 8.26.02 PM


Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 8.55.09 PM


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What are your favorites of the month, and where do you look to find your inspiration? I’d love to hear in the comments! I’m so looking forward to playing around with the format of my ‘Favorites’ posts, so if you have any feedback on what you’d like to see, I’d love to hear your thoughts!



A New York State of Mind

Okay, I’ll admit it. I miss New York. Like, a whole lot.


One of the things I’ve had to cope with since leaving the city is taking a major reality check, and getting back into the swing of taking classes, and frankly being around lots of people whose interests just don’t line up with mine. I’ve struggled with thinking, “If I could only go back to NYC…” you fill in the blank: my life would be much more interesting, my Instagram feed would be much prettier, I could have so much more potential for opportunity in the job market. But then, I thought I might just be selling myself short.

In New York, I wasn’t scared to dress how I wanted. I wasn’t nervous to go out and take pictures for my blog, for fear that random jerks would drive by honking in their jacked up trucks. There’s this fear that I know so many people like myself have that tells them not to stand out, to not do crazy things, and God forbid live up to their potential. I have actually heard people I know say, “I love that. I wish I could wear that. But I could only wear that if I was in a big city like New York.” What the heck, y’all?! Being the friends that we are, let’s vow to give each other a good pinch in the arm if we ever say that again.

News flash: You’re the same person in Alabama that you are in New York.

Letting your location define your attitude on life really seems like a bad cop-out to me. If a friend told me all of the previously stated (^^^), it would be time for a serious heart-to-heart chat over some Pinot Grigio. Except this time, the friend is me. One of my resolutions this year is to be confident enough to find beauty and excitement wherever I am, not only in my location, but in myself. A.K.A. Stop being such a Negative Nancy and start living the kind of life I want without worrying about others’ approval.

Buy the shoes. Start your business.

It’s time to stop asking permission to reach your fullest potential.




Spotted Statement Coat (on MAJOR sale + an extra 60% off right now!) — Ann Taylor // Quilted Black Boots — Borrowed *wink* from my mom… Almost Identical Pair Here








Black Backless Romper — Soca Clothing



Pink Embellished Gloves (on sale, plus an extra 60% off right now!) — Ann Taylor // Bone Embossed Python All-In-One Clutch — GiGi New York // Gold Watch — Kate Spade //



Rose Gold Sailor’s Knot Studs — Kate Spade // Rose Gold Druzy Necklace — Soca Clothing // Lipstick — Chanel Rouge Allure “Impulsive”

IMG_4372-63-cb copy



Tortoiseshell Bow Clip (Only $6!) — J Crew Factory



P.S. When your photographer is a total babe and much better at this whole “modeling” thing than you are…I just had to take her picture, le sigh.


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signaturePhoto Credit: Sarah Jay Photography // Her Instagram (You’ll love her feed!)

New Year, Amazing You

Happy New Year, y’all! 2015 was an amazing (and crazy) year. From starting up Have A Wesley Day (can you believe it’s almost been a whole year?!) to landing my dream internship at Seventeen, to moving up to NYC for the summer, all while conquering my senior year studies, I think I just need a nap. But, in all seriousness, looking back at the past year makes me really pumped to bring on the next. In fact, I’m feeling a little competitive!

One of my all-time favorite quotes is this:

“The only person you should be competing with is the one you were yesterday.”

Print it, paint it, give it a nice frame, and stick it on your gallery wall as a daily reminder to make this year amazing for you. It’s easy to get caught up in competition, because it’s exciting, no doubt! But what can really tear you up as a person is doing your ‘thang’ for the people who said you couldn’t. I know, because that used to be my life’s motto! But it wasn’t until I started working hard and wanting to kick butt solely for myself that I became truly happy. That’s right! It’s okay to be a bit selfish. Seeking success for others’ approval and to say “Ha! I did it!” seems kind of fun, but will never be truly gratifying. Setting goals for yourself and being honest about why you’re pursuing what you’re pursuing will give you a true purpose to succeed in everything you do.

So this year, work hard, stay humble, and get excited about improving your already amazing 2015 self!

This year is all about you. Let’s go rock it.



Pleated Tank–Nordstrom Rack // Black Wrap/Scarf–Soca Clothing




Chandelier Earrings–Nordstrom Rack (Kate Spade) // Gold Cuff–Nordstrom Rack // Crystal Pendant Necklace (Similar)–Nordstrom Rack (BP) // Feather Clutch–Anthropologie (On Sale!)







Black Leather Leggings–Nordstrom (Under $30!)



Chanel Lipstick in “Erik” // Telephone Dial Compact Mirror–Kate Spade (A Christmas gift from my super stylish cousin, Abby!)




Behind the scenes: It was about 35 degrees today and I had to steal Drew’s coat and scarf in between shots;) Ah, the things we’ll do for a good shot sometimes!


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Photo Credit: Drew Cicero