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Welcome To My Crib // Room Tour

The start of a new semester can mean only one thing for me: a great excuse for a total room refresh to kick off the new year! A fresh space helps me feel like I can conquer the year by surrounding myself by things that inspire me. From shoes to coffee mugs and everything in between, I’ll admit, I’m a hoarder. A room makeover gives me a chance to put all of that hoarding to good use and make a display of it! I hope you’ve got your “Pin It” buttons ready, because I could not be more excited to share my little corner of organized chaos with you!


Let’s get started with the grand entrance! (Or exit, I’ll leave that choice up to you!) This is the space for last minute necessities while running out the door, like your Kate Spade “Rain Check?” Umbrella, your Coach Nolita Satchel, or your favorite pair of flats!

Be still my heart, this door mat is perfect. Be There In Five carries amazing (and hilarious) door mats to spruce up your threshold, and I can’t get enough! Don’t be fooled by the copycats–this brand is the original of the ever-popular “Turn Off Your Curling Iron” Door Mat, which actually proves to be a great reminder on top of making a statement!


When decorating your bed, here’s my suggestion: splurge on a neutral bedding you know will stick with you for years to come, then decorate with pillows that can be a little trendier to change out every now and then. This is an easy way to save money in the long run, while keeping your safe haven somewhere that always matches your ever-growing personality!


I absolutely adore the throw pillows Dormify offers to keep your bed fun and fresh! Pictured here are the Hello Beautiful Perfume Pillow ($40), Namastay In Bed Pillow ($29), and Shut Eye Pillow ($36), all from Dormify! Also pictured are this Round Pintuck Pillow in Pink from Urban Outfitters ($39) (a great background piece to tie them all together!) and this adorable Floral Monogram Pillow ($32) from a long-time fave, Charm and Gumption.



I’m completely obsessed with this Phi Mu Sorority Varsity Pullover from Dormify’s Greek collection! It’s so thick and cozy for those like me who can’t help but be chilly all the time, all while repping one of the 22 Greek organizations Dormify offers products for! From clothing to jewelry and phone cases, Dormify has got the hookup.


Marble Macbook Pro Case from Amazon


Your bedside table should be functional, but you should never have to forfeit a little flair! I’ve had this cubical storage from Target on hand since freshman year, and it’s been a storage lifesaver! There are several variations of the same storage unit available here. It’s extremely practical for storing knick-knacks that accent your space, but don’t necessarily have a home!



The storage cube is also fairly sturdy for placing bedside necessities like magazines and my must-have Kate Spade Insulted Tumbler from Belle and Blush. This tumbler is not only crisp and clean, but since it’s insulated, it won’t sweat and ruin the finish on any surface when you forget to use a coaster (as I so often do, much to the dismay of my roommates).


Personally, I’ve never been much of a “work at a desk” kind of gal. Call me lazy, or call me a creative (I much prefer the latter), a vanity is the answer to my styling prayers. This HEMNES Dressing Table with Mirror from Ikea (I’ve got to shout out my dad here for involuntarily assembling it!) is my place for styling myself on a day-to-day basis, be it hair, makeup, or jewelry. Plus, it does a heck of a job hiding my not-so-pretty things while displaying all of my daily must-haves.



I could not live without my planner. If we’re being honest here, there was a time in my life when a planner was not seen as a necessity, and I fully relied on my crumpled up notes in dark corners of my backpack to remember bits and pieces of information. Spoiler alert: I was super unreliable and probably ticked a lot of people off in forgetting really important things. If you don’t purchase a planner for any other reason, do it just to be a nice person!


I L-O-V-E this “Today & To Do” Planner from Belle and Blush. First off, I think this is a great sophisticated option for someone who’s a girly-girl at heart needing a little maturing in accessories. The embossed pink lizard print achieves just that! Be minded that the pages are non-dated, if that’s something that would bother you, but this planner offers so much that others don’t! My favorite feature is the “Today’s Top Three” portion; so many things fall through the cracks on being accomplished, but this helps you identify the bullet points that have to be done ASAP and hold yourself accountable.


Can we talk about the fanciest item I have ever owned? Enter, the Lafco NY Champagne Penthouse Candle from Belle and Blush. I think the name says it all. Important: it smells as amazing as it sounds. Bookmark this for the holidays, because this is your go-to gift for your fabulous friend who has it all.

We’ve gotten to know each other pretty well by now, so I’m going to wager a guess that you’re sort-of aware of my Kate Spade obsession, and that goes for anything that remotely reminds me of the brand. I had been on the hunt for a new ring tray for a while, but wasn’t quite sold until I set my eyes on this Spade Trinket Tray from Belle and Blush. Gold and white, spade shaped and shiny? (Ooooh). This trinket took its rightful place on my vanity in no time.


My favorite Anthropologie coffee mug (only $8!) and an oodle of Kate Spade pencils=a very Wesley Day.


It’s no secret: a gallery wall is a necessity to any Pinterest-inspired room! The best advice I’ve read on creating a gallery wall that looks purposeful and cohesive is from Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily suggests before scouting out and purchasing prints, etc. to go on your gallery wall, settle on a theme (such as colorful, water, black & white).

The best advice I can give on creating your own gallery wall is to include elements of all dimensions and sizes. As you can see below, I included prints of many different sizes, in various styles of frames to achieve the mix-and-match style that I wanted. I also included a few elements that weren’t framed prints (like the Chanel block and the XOXO block) to add some dimension! Above all, make sure that whatever you hang up is representative to you and what you love, not just something you think you’re supposed to include!


As shown below:

Watercolor Lips Print from Fybur

Tiffany & Co. Shopping Bag (Hint: Cut the back off so it’ll fit in the frame without forcing!)

Gold Resin XOXO Word

Favorite Things Print from Charm and Gumption


As shown below:

Kate Spade NY Shopping Bag

Kate Spade NY Mailout (the cheapest way to gather gallery prints!)

Flowers and Chanel Wooden Block (my own, but I’ll keep on the lookout for a shoppable link!)

New York City Print from Fybur


I pride myself in being pretty thrifty, and one of my secret weapons is Home Goods! If you’re looking to make your home chic on the cheap, you should join the party. I scored this Couture Canvas Print there while shopping a few seasons ago, which has been a staple in my room for many years! Still saving my pennies for an Oliver Gal…*sigh*


One of my not-so-guilty hoarding pleasures has to be coffee table books. They add such a chic touch to any part of a room, and make an easy update when they’re mixed and matched over the years! Coffee table books are something I’m totally willing to splurge on, since I fully plan on carrying these over into my someday-home!

As shown below:

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

The Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insider’s Guide to a Career in Fashion

The Fashion Book (Can you believe this is one of my required textbooks this semester?!)

Eloise: The Ultimate Edition by Kay Thompson

Paris Vogue Covers: 1920-2009

Vogue and the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute: Parties, Exhibitions, People (This might be my favorite purchase ever.)


A little side note: I recently learned a trick on Pinterest that I’ve been dying to try out! Once a candle’s wax is almost completely used up, you can fully remove it by turning it upside down and setting it in your freezer for a few hours. With a little prying, the wax will wiggle out, and the container can be used to store almost anything! Voila! My new sunglasses holder.


A few of my favorite jewelry staples below: way too many Kristalize bracelets, Monogram Cuff Bracelet from Ex Voto Vintage, and personalized bangles from Taudrey.


Let’s get real: this is where the magic happens! A crisp, yet creative area around your closet is a necessity when getting dressed for the day. My most useful addition has been using and overusing Command Hooks. As a college student moving around from year to year, nothing too permanent makes a lot of sense. However, having hooks to display the next day’s outfit (how proactive of you!) makes your life a whole lot easier!


These adorable Chanel prints are actually made my yours truly! Remember the “Chanel No. 5: In a New Light” exhibition I attended towards the beginning of my time in NYC? They had the cutest little craft area with stamps and postcards for decorating, which I gladly took advantage of and toted all the way back home!


One of my favorite finds while on the hunt for room decor was this set of three gold quatrefoil mirrors from Target. This set is currently on sale for just $23.74, and is a great addition for any odd corner needing a little love!


Don’t forget to follow Dormify, Belle & Blush, Fybur, Be There In Five, and Charm and Gumption on Instagram!

Thanks for hanging out, and Have A Wesley Day!


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Gameday Style // Dressed Up vs. Dressed Down

Football season is finally here! There’s nothing I love more than gameday, (RTR, y’all!) and what better way to ring in the fall season than with some fabulous gameday looks? Although I’m ready for much cooler weather, the Alabama heat doesn’t always agree. Hence, the beauty of transitional looks to ease you from summer into fall! Everyone has their own preference of what kind of gameday looks they like to go for, so today I’m bringing you two! I’ve got one dressed-up and one dressed-down to make sure your outfit scores every time.

First up, let’s talk about this look dressed head-to-toe from Bungalow 123. I discovered this online boutique through Pinterest, and trust me when I say they carry everything you’ve been pinning lately.


The key to a transitional fall look is layering. In this look, I’m wearing the Kodie Dress in Charcoal. The long sleeves will keep you cozy on cooler nights, but everywhere else is very loosely fitted and made of a very thin fabric. I also love the flirty swing of the skirt, making it a dressed up version of your go-to t-shirt!




A plaid blanket scarf is a must-have for everyone this fall, and you can shop this necessity here and here which are very similar to the one pictured! I love showing my school pride through the colors of my outfit, and a colored scarf is a very tasteful way to show which team you’re rooting for.




Let’s talk accessories. These tan Martini Booties from Bungalow 123 are just to die for! Booties are something I consider another fall necessity, and you’ll be able to wear these with almost anything because of their neutral color.

You’ll also need a purse that’s under the size limit for carrying it into a game. At The University of Alabama, your purse isn’t allowed to measure above 8.5 x 11 inches (think the size of notebook paper). You never want to be left stranded outside the stadium with an oversized bag, so you’ll need to invest in a smaller “necessity” sized bag! I love this Kate Spade crossbody bag (a newer version of the one pictured!)


The gorgeous stone cuff that I’m wearing on my right wrist (your left!) came in my Rocksbox this month! If you want gorgeous jewelry, hand-picked for you, delivered to your door each month, Rocksbox is definitely for you! Learn more by clicking here, and use my code “wesleydayshawxoxo” for a free month’s trial!


Next up is this more casual look, with what’s become my favorite t-shirt ever from Riffraff’s brand new Gameday Collection. Some days, you don’t feel like getting all dressed up, and that’s totally okay! What I have here is my ideal casual-cool gameday look. I can see myself wearing this while watching an away game with friends at home, or simply opting for a dressed-down look on any gameday!



I don’t have to tell you this t-shirt is amazing, but I will anyway. It’s probably the most comfortable tee I own, and I own a lot from sorority life! I love t-shirts with quirky and interesting sayings on them to make a fun conversation starter.


I think this look is (literally) tied together with the addition of a flannel shirt. This adds a pop of my team’s colors to show some spirit, and again, follows my rules of layering! This shirt looks just as cute tied around your waist as it does actually worn once temperatures drop. Shop a flannel shirt very similar to this one by clicking here!



A blue jean and t-shirt look is a classic that never goes out of style, in my opinion! That classic look paired with a trendy graphic tee is a win-win every time.


Which team will you be rooting for in style this weekend? Let me know in the comments below! Before you go, click here to follow Bungalow 123 on Instagram, and click here to follow Riffraff on Instagram! Thanks for reading up, and Have A Wesley Day!


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*Photo credit: Leah Tobak