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10 Things NYC Taught Me

It seems like ages ago that I first scored my dream internship with Seventeen Magazine and started pursuing my dreams of moving to the Big Apple! After three months that flew by, I wrapped up my time there about a week ago, flew home for all of 24 hours before I had to move into my college home, then started classes just 2 days later! Phew. Can you guess why I’ve been a little MIA?! Well, I thought it was only fair to leave you with a little something to wrap up my NYC adventures as I’ve been documenting them over the summer. Think of it as the Have A Wesley Day Saga: we’re just closing one chapter and entering a brand new one! Excited yet? I know I am!

As I sign off on NYC, I’m wrapping things up with a list of 10 things that NYC taught me this summer. With everything from street smarts to office etiquette, I want to share with all of you who have so graciously allowed me to babble to you all summer long!


1. There are so many free things in NYC to take advantage of; all you have to do is ask around and seek them out! For instance, the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) is free to attend on Fridays from 4-8 PM. I’m a frequent museum hopper, so I was beyond excited to take advantage of this! However, be warned that this is not exactly a well-kept secret, and the crowds can be quite overwhelming (and sweaty and angry). If you’re up to the challenge, go right ahead! If not, save up your $12 to visit at your leisure another day.

2. Part of growing up is learning how to be your own parent, and that is really, really challenging sometimes. It’s easy to sit in your apartment and wait for someone to tell you what to do with your day or invite you to go somewhere, but you’ll quickly come to find that that mindset is neither productive nor gratifying. Just making yourself get outside at all is an instant mood lifter that will inspire you to get on with your day!

3. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: it’s so important to be proactive at work! Busy people aren’t going to give you all the details–you’re often left responsible for filling in the blanks, so always go above and beyond!

4. You can handle the subway, and you are smarter than choosing to take a taxi everywhere! Use my favorite app to get around on the subway, Citymapper, and save your pennies for taxis when you really need them on special occasions. To save even more cash, download the Uber or Lyft apps. I was skeptical of the service’s safety at first, but now I’m hooked. The drivers are incredibly nice, and you can invite friends to join the app for all of you to earn free rides!

5. I think this one is applicable to any city–not just NYC. Save your money during the week so you can splurge without too much guilt on the weekends! Even better, take on a new hobby to fill up your time to keep yourself from boredom-induced shopping the latest Tobi shipment. #guilty

6. Brunch is a national holiday…that happens to occur every day of the week. (At any time of day, mind you!) Give me mimosas, or give me death! (That’s the famous quote, right?;))

7. Networking is so important, even if you’re scared! I now understand the fear guys face regularly asking girls out on dates, because it feels the same way asking an editor to grab lunch! Be brave! It can never hurt to make connections with new people, and the world is so small, you never know how someone might be able to help you out!

8. Thank you notes are not just for the holidays…or the south, for that matter. I have heard time and time again that the deciding factor between giving someone a job over another often comes down to a handwritten thank-you note. Seriously! But don’t limit yourself to saying “thank you” only when you want something–genuine politeness can get you a long way!

9. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. I’m convinced that I work much harder and am more confident when I take pride in my appearance and spend a few extra minutes getting ready!

10. Always, always, look at the bigger picture, and make everything count. If you’re bummed about a seemingly meaningless project you’ve been handed, take a moment to think about why this is important. You can either go through the motions, or be completely determined to get something out of it. This goes for every day too! Ask yourself the hard question at the end of the day: what did I do today to get closer to my goals?

This is my last (eternal sadface) shoot from the city, so of course I had to bring the sass with a few of my favorite accessories like this graphic tee and necklace from T&J Designs. I cannot get enough of the graphic tee trend! They are completely crowding my closet lately, and I’m not sorry about it at all. They’re the perfect go-to for almost any occasion, and even better when they sport a sassy saying!


I paired this tee with my favorite black and white skirt, re-worn from a previous post from Ruby Claire Boutique! A fitted element paired with a looser element is always a perfect equation if you’re stuck on an outfit!



I finished off this look with some perfect accessories from the Coach Fall 2015 Collection! My favorite items that I’m wearing here are the gorgeous Nolita Satchel in Silver/Blush and TAG Temple Eye Cat Sunglasses in Confetti Purple. I think a splash of pink is a perfect accent to any outfit, and this bag is perfect for just that! Though it looks modest in size, it pulls a total Mary Poppins and holds all of your necessities plus more!




I love playing around with fun sunglasses, so the subtle confetti pattern on these from Coach are a match made in heaven! The classic shape is sure to flatter anyone on any day, and this pair offers a fun pop of color when the sun hits it the right way! Everyone needs a little confetti to brighten their day, don’t you think?!



I can’t thank you all enough for keeping up with me and supporting me all along the way this summer! There are many more adventures ahead that I sincerely hope you’ll join me in. If you have thoughts on what you’d like to see on Have A Wesley Day this year, please leave them in the comments of this post, or shoot me an email at! It always makes my day hearing from you:)


Don’t forget to click here to shop the Coach Fall 2015 Collection, and here to follow them on Instagram, as well as clicking here to follow T&J Designs on Instagram!




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Brands That Give Back: BeautyKind

One of the things I love most about writing and maintaining Have A Wesley Day, is bringing you a little something extra on top of fashion, beauty, or whatever kind of trend is happening at the moment. Don’t get me wrong–I love getting hype about new colors and cuts as much as T-Swift, but there are a lot of brands out there doing so much more than they’re being recognized for! So, I’ve decided to put together a little series to inform you about brands doing amazing things for our community–and world–by giving back with every fabulous product they sell. Get excited for my Brands That Give Back series! If we’re talking about being on trend, I think being charitable never goes out of style–BeautyKind is a brand that certainly agrees.


BeautyKind is an online retailer that allows you to shop many of your already favorite brands, as well as some amazing new ones you’re sure to quickly add to your daily routine. 5% of each purchase you make is given as a charitable donation through the BeautyKind Foundation. My favorite part? You are able to select a specific cause you’re personally passionate about and have your purchases directly channeled to that cause.

As a member of my sorority, Phi Mu, I’ve grown especially passionate about Children’s Miracle Network, the philanthropy that Phi Mu sponsors. There are so many other causes you can support, such as the American Cancer Society, Soles 4 Souls, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), and many more. If you don’t see your particular cause listed, BeautyKind encourages you to contact them to work together to make sure your cause is supported!


I was able to snag some of BeautyKind’s amazing products that I know you’ll want to get your hands on as well! First up is this Purify Pore Perfecting Mineral Mask from Doll Face. I was introduced to this brand by BeautyKind, and I’m in love! When it comes to a facial mask, I’m more a fan of a paste than a gel or any other kind of peel-able substance. This makes me feel clean and refreshed, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed pampering myself with this product! Keep in mind that if you have extra dry skin, it might be beneficial to also invest in a moisturizer to apply after using this product, as it is suggested for normal to oily skin!


I was so excited to be treated to a quality hair product from Frederic Fekkai. I’ve noticed that this brand is a salon favorite, and something that’s really a splurge item for me! Shown below is a bottle of Soleil Beach Waves from Frederic Fekkai. This spritz helps give definition to my more-often-than-not unruly curls, adding volume and texture while keeping frizz to a minimum. It also smells fresh and bright–like sunshine in a bottle!


As I look forward to the fall season, I also look forward to making a statement with darker shades of lipstick! While reading through an article on “makeup hacks” the other day, I learned how a quality lip liner, like this one from Doucce in Fresh Paprika, can help you smooth out your look. I have a favorite deep shade of red lipstick that I love rocking when I’m feeling extra sassy, but I always have the problem of it spreading outside of my lips as the day goes by. (This is extra obvious on my fair skin!) A lip liner can help tame the spreading and keep your pout looking perfectly clean all day long. (Just be sure not to over-do it!)


Lastly, I could not be more overjoyed that BeautyKind carries Butter London products. Not only do these polishes come in loads of unique, vibrant colors, but the brand is totally eco-friendly, and guarantees only the safest, non-toxic ingredients are used in the making of its products. You can imagine my excitement when I spotted this High Tea Collection 4 Piece Set from Butter London. Four unique colors, all in the cutest of English tea themed packages?! Sign me up! Though this set was designed with spring in mind, I can see myself donning these colors in all four seasons while I sip my (sweet) tea. *Pinkies up*


I hope you’re just as excited about learning about brands that give back as I am about sharing them with you! Be sure to click here to sign up with me to enjoy BeautyKind for yourself, and enjoy $25 off your first order, exclusively with my invitation! If you know of any brands you would LOVE to see featured in this series, be sure to let me know in the comments below so I can discover them too!

Stay tuned to learn about more brands that are doing amazing things for our world, and to find out how you can get involved and make a difference, and look fabulous doing it!


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Work Hard. Stay Humble. Be Bonafide.

In the few months that I’ve been able to catch a glimpse inside the world of magazines, I’ve been able to observe those around and above me to see what it truly takes to be successful. In my journey of figuring out this brand new world, I’ve found that those I admire most are the ones who work hard, stay humble, and walk with a genuine attitude of friendliness that matches their incredible work ethic. In my opinion, success isn’t merely defined by the job you get or the money you make, but rather the person that you become along the way. Below, I’m laying out all of the mental notes I’ve been taking to share some insight I’ve gained on ways to be your best self, no matter where your endeavors take you!


Be Grateful.

The biggest takeaway from my time here, I believe, has been the importance of being grateful. It’s easy to get carried away having the honor of working for a world renowned brand that boasts immeasurable impact on its consumers. It’s easy to walk like you’re the coolest thing since sliced bread because you’ve made it, and you’re going to do great things (which you are!). But, what’s more challenging, and I believe more admirable, is walking with gratitude, no matter how high (or low!) on the totem pole you are. This includes both remembering all of the people that got you to where you are, as well as acknowledging that you’re not there yet–if you ever feel like you can’t succeed any higher, it’s time for a reality, and humility, check.


Be A Team Player.

One major piece of the humble pie is focusing on the bigger picture, not just your personal success story. When I walk to work every day, I always pass a poster in the subway with a quote from Joanna Coles, Editor in Chief at Cosmopolitan, which reads, “You can get a lot more done if you don’t feel the need to take all the credit.” This serves as a little morning ~inspo~ before I start my day, and serves as a great reminder that if an HBIC like Joanna can stay humble, I think I should start taking notes. Sure, your fellow interns and co-workers might be your competition for a job later on, but if you find yourself thriving more on competition than the success of the brand you’re working for, it might be time to check your priorities.


Be Genuine.

Being born and raised in the south, many joked that it would be a difficult transition for me into the northern culture, and that I would have to do some major adjusting to the pace and attitude. Okay, it’s way different, just like everyone said. But, it’s not impossible to stay true to yourself and adapt to a new culture. I don’t think there’s any harm in soaking up the new culture you’re exposed to and letting it inspire you in your lifestyle, fashion, and attitude. I know for a fact that this can be done without altering your core identity in any way. Staying genuine in your cultural differences is often what helps you stand out the most! A piece of advice I received from a mentor recently is to write down what’s important to you that you don’t want to lose in your new endeavors, and put it somewhere you’re sure to see every day. This is a way you can hold yourself accountable, and be your own Joanna Coles poster in the subway!


Be Bonafide.

bo·na fide
ˌbōnə ˈfīdē/
adjective: bonafide
1. genuine; real.
Be Bonafide is a brand that supports being real and genuine in everything you do, celebrating being you. This brand encompasses everything I need to remind myself of every day, and just so happens to make awesome products as well, like the t-shirt in this post! The t-shirt you’ll see here is the “Let’s Get Real” Shirt, which I’ve styled three ways!
Look 1:
T-shirt: c/o Be Bonafide // Jeans: Flying Monkey c/o Pants Store // Marble Arrow Necklace: Forever 21 (similar here) // Heels: c/o Riffraff // Black Fringe Purse: Sam Edelman c/o Pants Store
Look 2:
T-shirt: c/o Be Bonafide // Skirt: H&M // Necklace: JCrew // Shoes: H&M // Purse: c/o Riffraff
Look 3:
T-shirt: c/o Be Bonafide // Denim Shorts: Urban Outfitters (BDG brand; old) // New York Necklace: c/o Taudrey // Shoes: Converse
Work hard, stay humble, be bonafide. And, as always, Have A Wesley Day!
Don’t forget to follow Be Bonafide on Instagram by clicking here!
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Romping Around the Hamptons

It’s no secret: rompers are the new It Girl of the closet. This summertime staple can be worn in so many ways, and I’m totally addicted! They’re so easy to dress up or down, depending on your accessories. They’re also the perfect way to show off a little leg and that summertime glow that I most certainly do not have (haha!). Today, I’m bringing you not one, but two of my favorite rompers that you need to add to your wardrobe now,  shot on my little day-trip to East Hampton with fellow blogger Kayleigh!

The first of the two is this palm print romper from H&M. I was able to snag this for only $39.99! This is probably on the upper price range for H&M, but I’ve found that the few products that are in this range have such distinctly better quality. Though you do have to hunt for these pieces sometimes, the quality makes it all worth it!


I’ve been so pleased with this purchase first and foremost because of the quality I know is going to hold up, but also because of the adorable palm print! Palm print is especially in style at the moment, and H&M has a fabulous array of many different styles of this print. I would suggest looking in stores for these, if you have an H&M near you, because the online selection currently doesn’t stock as many options as they truly have!


IMG_4121-14-cbIMG_4192-22-cb copy

I paired this romper with a gold, knotted necklace, which is also from H&M! (You’re right, you have seen this before!) I purchased this around late winter, but just the other day I saw that it was restocked again! I can certainly see why it’s so popular, because it has been my #1 go to necklace season through season again.



Although this exact romper isn’t currently available online, (and I highly suggest you check in stores if you can!), I’ve linked a few other great options from trusted websites to help you get your palm print fix!

1. Sam Edelman (looks very similar, but in blue!)

2. Target (black and white, and a great price!)

3. ASOS (very similar in color, with long sleeves!)

4. Missguided (obsessed with this structure, and it’s on sale!)


The second is this printed halter romper from The Impeccable Pig, called The Marilyn Romper! The Impeccable Pig is the cutest boutique that has multiple locations all over the south! I personally discovered them in my own hometown, at their location in Mountain Brook, AL, and have been in love ever since!


First of all, pretty much no matter where you live, it gets hot, hot, hot during the end of the summer. (AKA right now.) No matter if you’re livin’ it up in the city, or sweating it out in the south, you need a light fabric to accompany you on the last of your summer activities!


The material on this romper is perfect for just that! It’s so light and breezy, and truly feels weightless! The sunflower print is also precious (makes me miss home!), but its dark color makes it easily transitional from a daytime look to a nighttime look.



I paired this romper with some fabulous accessories sent to me in my latest Rocksbox! If you’re not familiar with Rocksbox, it’s an amazing jewelry organization that partners with all of your favorite brands, like Gorjana and Kendra Scott, to send you jewels hand-picked for YOU each month! You can wishlist items to give your personal stylist a little *hint hint*, wear the pieces for a few weeks, then decide if you want to keep them for a low price, or move on!




All of my jewelry in this look (with the exception of my Alex & Ani and Taudrey bracelets) are from my Rocksbox! To get more info on Rocksbox, click here, and be sure to use my code “wesleydayshawxoxo” for a free month’s trial!



Don’t forget to click here to follow The Impeccable Pig on Instagram!

Thanks for romping around with me in the Hamptons! Catch ya later, and Have A Wesley Day!

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