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Mint To Be

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which is the trendiest jumpsuit of them all? Hint: it’s right here. Today I’m sharing a look that’s a little of my norm, but everyone needs a little California cool in their closet! Let me break this look down for you with a few trends that have been rocking both the runway and the street lately:

1. Jumpsuits

2. Cutouts

3. The Color Mint


I’m usually a classic kinda gal when it comes to my wardrobe, but I knew there had to be a reason everyone has been going crazy over these trends! Just call me a modern Nancy Drew–I had to investigate.


I found this mint green jumpsuit at I’ll say it before you can think it: I feel like a magic genie in this jumpsuit, in the best way. They also have it available in a pretty nude and a black. This is the perfect statement piece when you go out at night, and the wide leg pants are sure to keep you comfy while you’re movin’ and groovin’ all night long.

IMG_2930-6-cb copy

IMG_3157-38-cb copy


A chunky, low-heeled sandal is something I’ve been seeing a lot lately, especially around the office! This style from Boohoo is comfy enough to (gasp) walk to work in, but also chic enough to keep on once you arrive! I’ve also been head-over-heels obsessed with snakeskin lately, and this subtle print in the heel and strap adds just the right touch!


Personally speaking, I like my clothes to fit tighter up top to show off my waist, but to be a little more conscious below. The shape of this jumpsuit achieved just that! No matter your body type, it’s so important to be honest with yourself about what’s flattering, and set some guidelines for yourself to dress based on what makes you look and feel like a total babe.


I’ve got ~Ray Ban vision~

Nope, just kidding. These were $18 from Urban Outfitters and are just as stylish (and make your checking account look pretty smokin’ too)!


Let’s talk deets: this gold lariat necklace is from an adorable boutique called Virginia Lee. A wrap-around lariat necklace is a simple piece that can make a powerful statement, one that I predict you’ll be seeing a lot this upcoming season!


These gorgeous stone studs are also from Virginia Lee, come in 4 different colors, and are only $10. What?! Call me obsessed, and you’d be right. I’ll take one in each color, please and thank you.


What are some of your favorite color trends you can’t wait to rock this season? Let me know in the comments!


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NYC Weekly Recap // Pom Poms + Tassels

Hello, hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?! The past week and a half has been absolutely crazy, in the best way, which is why I’ve been a tad bit M.I.A. from blogging. My calendar has been full with fun plans with amazing people I’ve met here, and I’m so excited to share a few of my adventures with you! Now, I won’t dwell on this, but I only have about three weeks left living in the city for the summer. Can you believe how quickly it’s flown by? It seems like just yesterday I was posting my first NYC blog post from the back of a cab on the way from the airport! In the mean time, I’ve fully committed to making the most of the rest of the time I have here, and checking everything I possibly can off of my NYC bucket list.


If you’re following me on Instagram, you may already be aware of a more condensed version of what I’ve been up to lately! I’m here to give you the total recap, though, so get excited for the inside scoop!


All of the Seventeen interns I work closely with had been talking “hypothetically” about hanging out outside of work for the longest time. I work mainly with the other photo interns, bookings, and art! This past week, we committed to actually making it happen! One of them had heard about an outdoor movie feature that was playing Breakfast at Tiffany’s (ahh! my favorite!) that night! Obviously, it was a sign, and I couldn’t pass it up. It was being played in Queens, which was totally unfamiliar territory, but God bless the subway, we made it there okay. We sat on our blankets with a bottle of pinot grigio, an unbeatable view of Manhattan, and had an experience I think everyone should take advantage of while in New York!


My new blogging friend, Kayleigh, was able to give us the hookup to an amazing sunset cruise celebrating Timex’s Fall collection. They were so generous in providing us with our own watches from their new collection to keep, which was so exciting! We cruised with an incredible view of the Manhattan skyline and the sunset alongside fabulous other bloggers, stylists, and social media influencers, all while on a gorgeous yacht! Talk about the royal treatment. We even got to get up close and personal with Lady Liberty (for my first time!)! Bucket list? Check!



My dear friend and high school bible study leader came into town, and we were able to spend Friday catching up with one another! She brought along some precious girls who I got to share all of my Seventeen adventures with. My favorite part of our afternoon was visiting The Plaza (another first!) and shopping around the Eloise store downstairs. Guys, I think I’ve found my personal heaven.


I was finally able to attend Her Campus’s “Her Conference” this weekend! I had been wanting to attend for years, but had never been able to since it was never in my area (or travel budget). Her Conference is all about some girl power, and getting collegiettes and female success stories together all to celebrate being ladies, and having open discussions about the amazing things we can do for ourselves and our future. We got to listen and speak with editors from Cosmopolitan and Seventeen, as well as major directors in brands like Birchbox and Chloe and Isabel. It was such an empowering day, and it truly opened up my eyes to what great things can happen when women stand for other women, instead of against one another.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

This weekend, I decided to make my own magic. All summer long, I had been hoping someone would come along and invite me to the Hamptons. With time running out, I decided to not rely on schmoozing my way in, and simply making it happen regardless of invitation! So, I packed up early Saturday morning, met Kayleigh at the Jitney (the Hampton bus!), and traveled three hours to spend the day in East Hampton! Three hours may sound excessive for a day trip, but let me tell you, it was so worth it.

The best way I can describe East Hampton is a perfect mix of all of my favorite places! Between Highlands, NC and Seaside, FL, it has all the quaintness plus more. (And hydrangeas galore…be still my heart!) We spent the day taking photos for our blogs and just taking it all in. In fact, the outfit you’ll see in this post was taken there! I’ve included a few other snapshots from around town to give you a good feel for it, and hopefully to inspire you to plan a spur-of-the-moment trip there as well!



This floral print caftan dress from Impressions Boutique also makes a fabulous beach cover-up! I have seen this little number all over Pinterest lately. I know how hard it can be to actually locate and shop Pinterest items sometimes, so shop away, dear! The link to it is right here.



I love that pom-poms are being seen everywhere right now. I think they are such a fun touch that can take an outfit from a 7 to a 10 in a heartbeat! The pink pom-pom trim on this caftan is a great built-in “accessory”–no one wants to risk losing their jewelry in the sand when they spend the day at the beach, so an added touch like this is just the answer to your #outfitgoals.



Then again, I am an accessory hoarder, and I fully appreciate going all out for occasions that don’t include the sea swallowing your favorite ring. What goes better with the pom-pom trend than another summer trend, tassels?! I love this tassel necklace from Pants Store, and these beaded tassel bracelets from Chelsea Joyce Designs! With an amazing floral print like this, you can afford a color splurge on a sunny day!



Here are a few snapshots from around the stunning East Hampton village for your pinning pleasure!





Have a lovely week, all of you, and as always, Have A Wesley Day!

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Seersucker Sunday

Just because I’m living in the city for the summer doesn’t mean I’ve completely gone astray from my southern ways! Sure, it’s been a few months since I’ve had sweet tea, and the northern definition of corn bread is pretty laughable (sorry), but one piece of the south I’ve been able to keep with me is a little bit of seersucker hanging in my closet! You likely won’t see another person rocking seersucker around the city, but fashion is all about making statements, right?! There’s something about the print that feels like a little bit of  “comfort food” to me. And, even though I can’t be home with my family today for a post-church, pre-nap, home cooked meal, these two seersucker looks are my little slice of southern heaven.


The first of these two looks is this blue seersucker dress from Pants Store. If you’re not familiar with seersucker, the fabric is your best friend in the summer. It’s so light and airy to keep you cool when temperatures soar into the 90’s, but it’s still not see-through, so you don’t have to worry about layering unless you want to!


Y’all…this dress has pockets! I know I’m not the only girl who gets super excited at the surprise of pockets in any ensemble. Phone? Lipstick? Snacks? Who knows what all you can fit in there?




I paired this dress with some of my favorite pearl accessories–a southern classic. Pearls don’t have to be boring, though! This necklace is an old one I found from Francesca’s. I love it because it’s tied back with a pink satin ribbon that gives it an extra girly touch. If you’re looking for an update on your pearls, a clustered look is one that isn’t quite so old-fashioned!


This monogrammed cuff bracelet is one of my favorite accessories from Ex Voto Vintage. It’s a classic way to personalized your look without being too cheesy.





The second of these looks is also from Pants Store. I paired this pink seersucker top with a plain white circle skirt from H&M, something I believe should be a staple for anyone’s summer wardrobe! Get this: this skirt is currently on sale for $9.99 and available in all sizes! Click here to shop!



These heels are some you’ve seen before from Nine West’s big sale! They’ve since been marked down even more to just $39.99! Click here to snag the perfect casual nude heel while they’re still in stock.



I love the cute scrunchy back on this top! How fun!


Fresh blooms are a perfect compliment to a pretty, feminine look like this. (Also a great excuse to treat yourself to a gorgeous bouquet!)




What are some closet staples of yours that make you feel right at home? Sound off in the comments and let me know! Don’t forget to click here to follow Pants Store on Instagram, and stay tuned for their totally revamped website coming here soon!

Have A Wesley Day, and a relaxing Sunday afternoon!


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Me, Myself, and My Little Black Dress



I’m a firm believer that the best thing a girl can do for herself is to learn to be okay on her own. But first, let me be clear: this has nothing to do with boys, and everything to do with yourself. I mean that I truly believe every 16, 20-something, and 60 year old should learn to fully, and unashamedly, enjoy her own company.

This has been a challenge I’ve faced pretty much daily in my recent move to New York. I’ll admit: I have kind of felt bad for people I’ve seen eating by themselves before, assuming that they must be lonely and embarrassed to be seen without company. (A.K.A. I’m a people watcher and need to start minding my own business.)

As great and natural as it is to be around other people, sometimes that isn’t an option, under whatever circumstances you might fall. This may not be a wake up call to some, but it certainly was to me: it’s okay. More than that, it’s actually refreshing and empowering.


The other night after a long afternoon shooting this post with my new blogger friend, Kayleigh, I was exhausted, but the pumped up kind of exhausted I get after a really successful shoot. So, I took myself and my little black dress to the nearest restaurant, bought myself a bouquet of flowers, and treated myself to a night out.

After a few minutes, the waiter asked me what the occasion was. I told him there was none. He then asked, “Well, then, who are the flowers from?” I grinned back and said, “ME!” This definitely caught the attention of those seated nearby, and they smiled and laughed along.

It was a small, but truly impactful moment when I knew I was not only okay alone, I was also having fun! It was so nice to have a time of reflection over the day that wasn’t confined to my closet-sized bedroom to really take a chance to get to know myself.

I took myself on a date, and it rocked.


Have no fear, Drew and I are still dating, and he is bae. But, here is my challenge to you: whether you’re in a relationship or not, take a night and focus on having a relationship with yourself. Yes, this is my express permission to splurge, be selfish, and treat yo’self!


Put on a dress that makes you feel like a 10, go to your favorite restaurant, or one you’ve always wanted to go to, and sit there and celebrate you, wonderful you. You may just discover that you’re much more confident and capable than you give yourself credit for!


 This whole look is from Riffraff, head to toe! Shop the dress here, the bag here, and the shoes here.






Don’t think I forgot about our little deal. I mean it! Take yourself out, lady. I promise it’ll leave you feeling like your best self. As a little encouragement, take 10% off your next order at Riffraff to treat yourself to that LBD you’ve been dying for, on me! Use the code “WESLEYDAY”, and feel free to share with your girlfriends, too!


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Watercolor Hues

Something many of you may not know about me is that I’m actually a huge art history buff. (It’s true…I do actually visit the Met for more than the cocktails!) Upon seeing the dress in this post, I was immediately reminded of some of my favorite works from Claude Monet’s famous water lily series (see a few examples below!). What you wear is such an important expression of self, and being able to make those connections between what inspires you in two seemingly unrelated genres is really something exciting!



My “blogtographer”, Katrina, who you now are familiar with, and I have a running joke from our art history class about Eduard Manet’s “Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe” (Luncheon on the Grass).


Side note: Monet and Manet are completely different artists–it took me a while to understand that!

We see references to it everywhere since taking our class and having been exposed to the drama and controversy this piece (and the pieces it inspired) faced. Seriously, you can find it everywhere from postcards in book shops to Gossip Girl episodes! and So, we decided to have our own luncheon on the grass in the middle of Central Park, sans the controversial subject and plus turkey sandwiches.

IMG_2190-1 copy-cb-cb

This gorgeous watercolor maxi dress dress featured is from Reef Boutique in Valdosta, Georgia. Click here to shop their store! My necklace is from Kendra Scott, and these bracelets are from Lydell NYC‘s new collection, coming in the next few weeks!






Of course, a day in the park wouldn’t have been complete without a little fun at the famous carousel!





Now that I’ve shared a little of my daily inspiration with you, I’d love to hear your thoughts as well! This may sound like a loaded, intense question, but what inspires you? I encourage everyone reading to slow down for a minute on this Sunday afternoon and get to know yourself a little better! Feel free to share your findings with me in the comments so I can get to know your wonderful self as well!

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Have A Wesley Day!


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