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Inside Seventeen + 5 Ways to Rock Your Internship

Congrats, you! You’ve made it to the big-time; you’ve scored your first major internship! (Or your second, or third…) Whichever way you call it, it’s a huge deal!

IMG_1676-1-cb{This office-chic look is all courtesy of Riffraff, from head to toe! Shop this shirt dress here and shoes here}

Bad news: The hard work isn’t over just yet.

Good news: The fun is just beginning, and this is your chance to make a huge impact not only on this job, but your future as well!IMG_1560-1-cb

If you’ve been keeping up with me recently, you know that I’ve been hard at work at my own summer internship, as a Photo Intern at Seventeen Magazine. In my month-and-a-half experience, I’ve covered a lot of ground, and Lord, have I learned a lot. As we chatted about upon my departure to NYC, one of my main purposes in this internship is to help empower others however I’m able. By no means am I the perfect intern–I’ve made plenty of mistakes, and will certainly continue to do so–but I truly feel that the key way to gain insight is, in fact, to make those mistakes and learn from them. So, now that I’ve got your attention, I’d like to share some of this insight with you!


Know this:

If you’re already loving your summer internship, you can make it even better!

If you’re not feeling confident in your performance, it’s not too late to make a change!


Here are my top 5 tips for rocking your internship:

(And a peek at the Seventeen office afterwards!)

1. Dive Right In. The sooner you realize that you won’t understand everything the first day (or even the first month), the better. Admit it, but don’t let it hold you back! The worst thing you can do is sit and stare in horror at the project before you and think if you ignore it, it’ll disappear. (It won’t). Have some confidence, and don’t outsmart your common sense (Thank you, Lee Brice, for an applicable country song reference). Tough task? Step 1: Breathe. Step 2: Use your brain. Step 3: Ask other interns. Step 4: Ask your boss. (It really is okay!)

2. Make Friends With The Other Interns: These relationships are so important. From having lunch buddies, to offering a calming word when your projects become a bit overwhelming, these are the ones you want to have around! You need to have each others’ backs; sharing the blame (haha!) when things go wrong lightens the load on everyone, and ultimately leads everyone to be happier and more productive. If you’re interning in the field you’re pursuing as a career, then these relationships will be invaluable to you when you need someone to call on in the (scary) near future.

3. Learn To Admit To Your Mistakes. And even some that aren’t yours at all. If it’s something small that easily fixable, don’t waste your time pointing fingers, and instead, think about the bigger picture. Basically, pick your battles! If you made a mistake, the “adult” thing to do, as I am learning, is to immediately admit to it, briefly offer your apologizes, and promptly fix it to the best of your ability. Most importantly, though, don’t dwell on your mistakes. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

4. Be Proactive. From someone who is constantly paranoid about royally screwing something up, this one is hard for me. The hardest part about this one is that it sounds like an “above and beyond” kind of thing, when it’s simply what’s expected of you. This won’t come into play until you’ve learned the ins and outs of your internship, because it involves thinking ahead on any project you’re based on the experience you’ve already had. The best way to describe this is to think: “I’ve done this before. What do I usually do after this?” and then do it. If you’re struggling to remind yourself, tape this to your desk, and let Ryan Gosling help you out.

RyanGosling1 copy

5. Show Your Spark! This means coming in early and staying late, not because you have to, but because you want to. This means having a genuine smile on your face when faced with any task, and then completing it with the same fire you first completed your application. This also means asking what else you can help with if you don’t have any current assignments, because no editor wants to see you derping around on Pinterest as they walk by. Above all, always, always, always strive to be humble, and genuinely grateful to be there. If you walk with this attitude, it’s sure to shine through in the best way!


Sure, internships are hard work. But they also involve being in a totally fun environment with tons of talented and highly motivated individuals! And sometimes, they even come with a fancy decked-out couch and a view worth a million bucks. May I introduce to all you fab readers, the Seventeen office:

IMG_1510-1-cbThe conference room where many important meetings with important people occur.

IMG_1609-1-cbSeventeen may just make a Belieber out of me. (Gasps)

IMG_1576-1-cbThe ultra famous Seventeen couch. Can I take all of these pillows home as an internship party favor?!

IMG_1526-1-cbMy desk, spruced up with all of my favorite Kate Spade desk goodies. I’m such a hoarder of these, so a big shoutout to the BF for adding to my collection with this adorable desk set. Almost too pretty to use!

IMG_1513-1-cbCheck out that view! I’m talking about these amazing Valentino-inspired rockstud heels from Riffraff, duh.

IMG_1653-1-cbThe entrance to the Seventeen office on the 35th floor. We currently share the floor with Food Network, who generously stocks the freebie table (yes, it exists!) with fun things to munch on every now and then. #NoRegrets

IMG_1660-1-cb#HearstElevatorSelfie. Ft. Samantha. Drops mic. Exits stage left.

Thank you so much for hangin’ with me, and I hope this post left you with a little inspo to make your internship the most rewarding experience it possibly can be! If I can leave you with one note, it’s this: your experience is only what you make of it, and your attitude will determine every bit of that!

Or, in the wise words of Hannah Montana,

“Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock.”

Rock on, intern queens.


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NYC Weekly Recap // Why Does Everyone Wear Black?

Hi guys! (Notice how I didn’t say “Hey y’all”? The north is getting to me, people…)


It’s been another whirlwind of a week, so I can’t wait to share with you what’s been going on in my corner of the world! Pics included, literally in the subway station I use every day, for full effect. As I mentioned in one of my earliest New York posts, I’ve noticed that all black is the uniform of choice around the city. It was only a matter of time before I gave it a go myself! And although this is not my color palette of choice every day, I have come to appreciate the reasons I’ve made up in my head for why New Yorkers love the color black so darn much:


1. It doesn’t show sweat when you get bumped around the subway during rush hour.

2. It doesn’t show dirt when you get bumped around the subway during rush hour.

3. Black looks great with black. No one will notice if you wear the same piece multiple times in one week, since that’s the only color you wear! (Disclaimer: Don’t take that as my permission to do so unless under extreme circumstances…)

4. Sporting all-black sends off an instant cool vibe. (Or a don’t-talk-to-me vibe, if you’re about that life.)

5. No one will ever know that you spilled your coffee all over yourself on your way to work.

Thus, this look (courtesy of my fave, Pants Store, and some fab jewelry from of Taudrey and Sea La Vie Accessories!), and a day-by-day recap of my past week!




IMG_1331-2-1-cb copy

This amazing necklace is from Taudrey, a jewelry boutique that custom makes every piece to be truly unique, and totally you. If it’s been a while since your 5th grade name-that-state quiz, this one is in the shape of New York (with a heart on Manhattan! Can it get any cuter?!).


The bangles on the left are from Sea La Vie Accessories. These are especially unique, because they are made out of coins from all around the globe! They are handcrafted in Jupiter, FL by an extremely talented team of girls (one of whom happens to be the sister of a good friend of mine!).


This t-shirt and shorts from Pants Store are going to be staples in my closet from now on. This black t-shirt is a style upgrade on your everyday tee with the sides that drape down, for a little added flair. This square print on the shorts is something you’ll see everywhere lately!


I squealed when this bracelet came in the mail from Taudrey. No, really. Look closely, because it’s actually customized to say “Have a Wesley Day”. I’m never gonna be over it!


Grab your latte: time for a little catch up sesh.

Friday: My sister came in town!! (Well, technically Thursday evening, but it was late, and activities included setting up a fold-out cot the size of my room) Friday’s activities included showing her around the Seventeen office (!!!) and walking around Central Park. Later on, we perused the “China: Through the Looking Glass” exhibit at The Met, then went to The Met’s rooftop bar. Not shocking at this point, but a great opportunity to catch up with an amazing view!

P.S. How cute is she?!

IMG_1272-5-cb   IMG_1264-1-cb

Saturday: We spent the day exploring Soho, bumping into the greatest designer consignment shop of my life (will blog about findings soon). Surprisingly, we stumbled upon what is called a “Bubble Battle” in Union Square. The best way to describe this is hundreds of people all blowing tons of bubbles–a pretty cool sight to see. Later that night, we picked up a tasty snack from Petrossian (see below), and hung out on the rooftop of my apartment building chatting the night away!

Sunday: We wrapped up the weekend with brunch on the Lower East Side at an adorable (and reasonably priced) restaurant called Three of Cups. Entree + side + 2 mimosas or bloody mary’s for $17? You can go ahead and reserve my table for every Sunday through mid-August. Sadly, sista had to fly back to Nashville shortly after that, but I was able to spend the evening watching my amazingly talented friend (and birthday girl!) Caroline, act in one of her shows!

Monday: Back to the daily grind! I spent the day pulling pictures for various stories, like the Traumarama section in Seventeen. I don’t know about you, but I always flip straight to the Traumarama section when reading Seventeen, because 1. The stories always hilarious, and 2. They tend to make me feel a lot better that these things are not happening to me. Grab a copy of the next issue to see your girl’s hard work put into action!

Tuesday: Tuesdays are Features Meeting days! If you haven’t been filled in yet by previous posts, Features=Editorial (because being called the Editorial Editor is a bit much, don’t you think?) Anyways, everyone from that department gets together to talk about upcoming stories and get input from each other (and interns, if it’s my lucky day!)

Not only that, but guess who came to visit? None other than the amazing Bradford Billingsley. You know, winner of Project Runway: Threads and fashion designer extraordinaire? Who is only 14 years old? Yeah, that one. Best. Day. Ever.

Wednesday: I did some major red carpet research at work! One of my goals this summer is to get more familiar with Hollywood and the people that I need to know, in order to be in-the-know! It’s amazing how things can change so drastically if you shy away for a little while, and how important it is to keep up, because you never know who might walk in!

Thursday: I shot around the office after work for a major blog post coming next week. You heard it here first: I’m giving all of you an inside look at the Seventeen office! You don’t want to miss this one!

Friday: I met with someone to be interviewed for a story about interns working in NYC this summer. I’ll be sure to post on my social media channels when it’s published, so be on the lookout for my feature! After that, I hit up the sale at H&M, where I scored some amazing deals ($7-$15 kind of deals…) I’ll be featuring on the blog very soon!

Hope you all had an amazing week, and I hope you’re ready for me to switch it up in the coming week with some exciting new material that you won’t want to miss!

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Have a Wesley Day!


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NYC Weekly Recap // Spotted at The Met

Spotted: Me, trying to channel my inner Blair Waldorf on the Met steps (in a much friendlier way).


The Metropolitan Museum of Art has been my favorite weekend hangout in NYC so far, especially when I’m feeling fancy schmancy. The Met offers admittance to see thousands upon thousands of priceless pieces of art to anyone who wants to go! The best part? Tickets are all donation based (a.k.a. pick your price!), so it truly does fit any budget. Recently, I got to take a look at the “China: Through the Looking Glass” exhibit. It’s sponsored in part by Anna Wintour and was the premier exhibition at the 2015 Met Gala, so you know it’s got to be fantastic without me telling you!


This Magenta High Low Shirt Dress from Lee and Lane could not be more perfect for a girls’ night out! It’s a classy length that still shows some personality with its bright color. But, confession: I’m totally an outfit repeater and wore it again to work today (Come at me, Kate Sanders)!


Because it’s so easy to accessorize, it can be great for any occasion! You would not believe how great the fabric is, too. It’s a stretchy kind of material that is so comfortable and easy to move in! (And fun to spin in, too!) This dress, both in its color and silhouette, is so eye catching. (While taking pictures, a lady asked if it was my design…sigh…I wish). And, for only $25? Sign me up.



This long necklace is a favorite from Chelsea Joyce Designs. Long necklaces are right on trend right now, and I love the way the turquoise pops against the magenta behind it! These fun black heels are from Pants Store, and are the most New-Yorky (is that a thing?) pair I could find. You’ll find me toting these (along with a box of band-aids) all summer long.


Enter again, these sunnies and this clutch. You can expect these to be making a regular appearance in my posts from now on! Fab-u-lous.


If ever you have the chance, I strongly suggest all of you 21+ peeps check out The Met’s rooftop bar! You don’t even have to be a member to go–it’s totally public! Though the drink prices can run steep, it’s such a unique and beautiful experience. Plus, check out that amazing view pictured below! So worth it. (Side note: I strongly suggest trying the Anubis! So yummy.)



This week’s recap may be a short one, because it was full of a lot of hard work that’s a bit confidential on some ends, and full of ~glamour~, like filing invoices into our system at Seventeen. Before you yawn, it’s actually fascinating to see all of the hard work that goes on the back end to make the magic happen! This is a real business after all, which I can totally appreciate. A lot of my other work came through photo research (a.k.a. pulling the best photos) from Fashion Weeks from all over the globe. Research on beautiful people wearing fabulous clothes? Don’t mind if I do!



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Have a wonderful remainder of the week, and always, a Wesley Day!


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Fathers Day Gift Guide

“Oh, I don’t want anything. Maybe socks?”

I, for one, know this conversation with my dad all too well when Father’s Day rolls around (or any holiday, for that matter). I understand wanting to make my dad feel special with a super cool gift, and how hard that can be sometimes! Dads are pretty much selfless, which means they don’t exactly spend their days lusting after items on Pinterest. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a nice treat for being the awesome dad they are! Although nothing can top spending quality time with your dad on his day, sometimes schedules collide, and that’s not always possible. I’ve compiled a list below for every kind of dad, so no matter where you are on June 21st, your #1 guy will surely be feeling the love.

Fathers Day Gift Guide

For the Old School Prep:

Splurge: Brooks Brothers Repp Wallet: $98

A wallet this good lookin’ is well worth the splurge. Help Dad bring back his glory days in college (well…some of the days…) with this classic wallet that will never go out of style. I fully trust Brooks Brothers to make a truly well-made product that will stay in shape even when your pops refuses to replace it for 30+ years.


Save: Brooks Brothers Stripe Key Fob: $14.50

The wonderful perk of Brooks Brothers is that you can treat yourself to something fancy looking without breaking the bank! Sure, your old man’s eyes might not be what they used to, but he’s certainly at least less likely to lose his keys when he spruces them up with this preppy key fob.


For the Outdoorsman:

Splurge: Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler: $299.99

I’m going to admit it: I don’t quite get it. But all guys seem to get the “it” factor of the Yeti cooler. It’s the ultimate status symbol amongst deep sea fishermen and frat stars alike, and the ultimate way to tell your outdoorsy dad that he’s the coolest dad in the the deep blue sea.


Save: Southern Shirt Embroidered Cotton Logo Hat: $25

Whether he’s fishing, hunting, or simply enjoying your backyard, a classic baseball cap is a necessity. This  hunter green cap is a great neutral color, but Southern Shirt has multiple other color options to build his hat wardrobe.


For the Bartender: (Bonus: You don’t have to be 21 to buy these!)

Splurge: Brooks Brothers Duck Hunting Needlepoint Flask: $78

Phone. Keys. Wallet. Date. Flask. These are necessities in life, people! Better make sure they’re all good lookin’. Needlepoint is such a classic touch, and with man’s best friend as added decor? Ding ding ding–we have a winner.


Save: Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge: $17.95

Nothing beats pouring yourself a cold one after a long day. Make sure your dad does it in style! This whiskey wedge is designed to melt slower than regular ice, so his drinks are never watered down. Plus, it looks really cool and makes for a great conversation piece!


For the Tech Dad:

Splurge: Crosley X UO Cruiser Briefcase Portable Vinyl Record Player: ON SALE for $79.99

Just like the olden days…except this player is stylish…and works (really really well!). Hit up Urban Outfitters or your local thrift store to pick up some oldie records for your dad to rock out to.


Save: Timex Dual Alarm Clock with USB Charging and Night Light: $29.99

Dad’s appreciate things they can actually use. Add a cool factor to an otherwise purely functional piece with this alarm clock from Target! This alarm clock adds a high-tech touch with a USB charger and night light, that’s still not too high-tech that he can’t figure it out by himself (most likely).


For the Master Chef:

Splurge: Petrossian Charcuterie Basket: $235

If your dad is a fancy foodie with exquisite taste buds, he’s sure to be impressed by this. Petrossian is a luxury food boutique located in NYC, and offers delicious hors d’oeuvres from cheese to caviar and everything in between. I tried their caviar recently (for the first time ever), and I can personally vouch for its quality. Shop the store by clicking here!


Save: Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit: $28.95

Add a little flavor to your gift…in more ways than one! If your dad loves food and has a bit of a sense of humor, this is the gift for him! As I said before, nothing means more to a dad than getting to spend time with his loved ones, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to hang out in the kitchen and whip up a new creation!


For the Sharp Dresser:

Splurge: The Art of Shaving: Sandalwood Travel Kit with Black Compact Fusion Razor: $175

This one’s for the guy-on-the-go, the hard working dad who deserves a little pick-me-up after long days at the office! Whether they admit it or not, I’m pretty sure some guys like to be pampered as much as girls, just in a different way. Give him the gift of a clean shave and a snazzy set to go with it!


Save: Engraved Silver Cuff Links: $35

If your dad sports a suit and tie most every day, he’s sure to love these. Monograms on anything (here comes my southerner…) are the best personal touch I can think of on a gift! Cuff links are a necessity in a suit-and-tie wardrobe, and can be pretty pricey. This pair has all the looks of a much more expensive pair, but ends up being pretty reasonable on the savings account.



Don’t forget to participate in Petrossian’s Father’s Day campaign on social media. Share what you wish your dad knew with the hashtag #TellDad to receive free chocolate pearls at the NYC boutique with any caviar purchase (more information: here). And, click here to follow Petrossian’s NYC boutique on Instagram!


Have suggestions that your dad loves and needs to be included in the list? Write them in the comments below!

Have A Wesley Day!



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NYC Weekly Recap // AL meets NY

Hey friends! I hope all of you have had an amazing week (or two!)! It’s been a minute since my last NYC recap, mainly because I’ve had so much to do! A good problem to have, indeed. I’m back to bring you up to date with all of my New York City shananigans, complete with a look that perfectly describes the past week and a half: New York + Alabama + a little bit of craziness.


Friday-Sunday: I got to go home! I flew home Friday morning (gotta give myself credit for making it to the New Jersey airport on my own) for my debutante ball the following evening. Okay, don’t laugh…it was a great experience! For those of you wondering, yes, those things do actually exist. It was a long day full of pampering, and a long night full of dancing beside all of my favorite people in the world. So, like a wedding, without the wedding part. It was so wonderful to see all of my friends in family, and here’s a snapshot of an extra special guest below;)


Sunday Night/Monday Morning: My flight got delayed. And delayed. And delayed some more. I finally made it back to NYC at 3:30 in the morning after flying into the wrong airport because of brake issues, and almost taking a “cab” that I’m not so sure was an actual cab. All I can say is…yikes. But I made it!

Monday: Myself and a fellow intern, Samantha, got to participate in an exciting small project for an upcoming issue of Seventeen! No deets yet, but keep an eye out for the September issue and see if you can spot us!

Tuesday: Another day spent running errands and gathering props for an upcoming shoot, and I got to attend the Features meeting with Seventeen‘s Editor-In-Chief, Michelle Tan (!!!), and many other Seventeen editors to bounce around ideas for upcoming issues!

Wednesday: Shoot day! I was so thrilled to be able to go on my second photo shoot of my internship, this time, for a fashion story! This shoot was in Studio D, the Hearst in-house studio. This was a major bonding day for the interns, between running up and down the elevators to grab more props and go on coffee runs! The one thing I can say is that this shoot was so Seventeen. I can definitely respect the unique look that Seventeen has established over the years that’s so distinguishably them!

Thursday: You know you’re totally in love with your job when you’re excited to go in early and stay late. I came in a few minutes early to drop off props at another shoot and ran around a bit locating props in different areas of the building. This day was a bit stressful because of how busy things were (and some things not going as planned), but when you thrive off of the stress and are excited to get things done, and done well, you know you’re in the right place.

Friday: Is it sad that I’m sad to have a day off? Regardless, I took the liberty to catch up on my sleep in the morning, and headed out mid-day to the Tracy Reese sample sale. I have a few friends interning there this summer, so they had my back with a heads up about it! I scored an adorable dress that I’m sure to be posting about soon. That night, some friends and I went to the rooftop bar at The Met. The view was incredible. Unfortunately, we made it there a bit late, and they closed about 10 minutes after we got settled in. But have no fear–Nutella and banana waffles at an Upper East Side diner saved the day at 10:30 PM!

Saturday: My friend, Katrina, and I scouted out Chelsea Market (and took the pictures in this post! She’s been an amazing blogtographer lately!) Later that evening, we trekked it uptown to a Yankee’s game! Even though our seats were literally three rows from the top, we had an amazing time.




This look was definitely inspired by the street style of NYC, while still staying true to my inner Alabama girl. The clothes and clutch are from my all time favorite (you’ve all heard me rave about them time and time again) Pants Store, and my jewelry is all courtesy of Lydell NYC, who has some really funky pieces I’ve been loving to wear lately! I’m wearing their Long Layering Necklaces below, along with their Gold and Crystal Geometric Studs (Remember this post when I styled them in an ultra-girly way? Talk about versatility!)


This amazing Sam Edelman purse can be found at Pants Store, and it can be used as either a shoulder bag or a clutch with its removable strap! It sports black fringe on one side, and a cool black and white geo print on the other.


I love the rocker-chic vibe that this cozy grey tank gives off, along with the best jeans of my life. Literally. Believe me, I’ve made the splurge on jeans before, but none of them have flattered me like this! Light-wash jeans are right on trend, and these are just stretchy enough to keep me comfy on long plane rides back and forth from place to place.


I’m pretty positive this cat ring from Lydell NYC is Taylor Swift approved, because it is on point. I love making a small statement with it on days when I’m feeling extra sassy!


I’m such a sunglasses hoarder, and I love this pair from Lee and Lane! These sunnies are currently sold out (boo), but be sure to check back at their website for a possible restock soon (and to drool over their other fabulous inventory!).

P.S. Get excited for a major collab post between myself and Lee and Lane very soon!


Don’t forget to click here to follow Pants Store, Lydell NYC, and Lee and Lane on Instagram!

Thanks so much for catching up with me, and Have A Wesley Day!



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