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Day Dream

“O’, sample sale. O’, sample sale. How lovely are thou markdowns.”

(To the tune of O’ Christmas Tree, because I’m not sure why.)


New York City rocks. I mean, not that that’s news. But, I’m discovering cool things about it every single day. Would you ever find a sample sale of Dolce and Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Gucci galore in Sweet Home Alabama? Not that I don’t love ya…Roll Tide. But really, there’s nothing more exciting than stumbling upon a small doorstep in Soho that reads those two magical words: sample sale. Except, in my case, let’s talk about a place that doesn’t stop you from taking a picture of the most fabulous vintage Louis Vuitton blazer you’ve ever seen because it’s “the rules”. Really. This happened. Actually.

Anyways, some friends and I stumbled upon a slightly more affordable sample sale, including selections from Anthropologie and a few other designers who I then was unfamiliar with. Shuffling through the racks of clothing, I found this little number featured on the blog today from Zoe Karssen, a designer who is new to me! I sincerely wish I wasn’t so drawn to cozy, loose fitting clothing, but this brand has some serious #IWokeUpLikeThis potential. Check out the whole line here!


Now, I’m not one to splurge on a $130 sweatshirt, but it looks like these are on sale a lot (like mine definitely was)! Take a gander at the exact one I’m wearing in this post here!


This particular sweatshirt is not just a sweatshirt, mind you. It’s actually made out of something that feels like a towel on the inside (fashion majors, help me out here…) so it is absolutely perfect for a day lounging on the beach! Lookie there. I just saved you from lugging an actual towel around! Fashion meets function.


This past weekend, some friends and I traveled down to Brighton Beach and Coney Island. Bless the subway, it was practically free. So, please enjoy some shots of our day of fun, and some more fabulous accents to the outfit!


Kristalize, you’ve done it again. I. Am. So. Obsessed. With. This. Jewelry. *sassy clapping between each word* Honestly, it is all so well made and stylish that it just makes me grin from ear to ear when I get a package in from them! Beads + druzy + tassels = A very happy Wesley.


The necklace I’m wearing is called the Victoria, and you can shop it by clicking this link!



Bracelets made for stacking are bae, and it’s quite convenient that each of the bracelets in this collection are designed to all look AMAZING together. Meaning you can never have too many…right? Permission to splurge, granted. The designer is constantly updating the collection with new beads and patterns to add to your possibly never-ending collection. The details of my stack are below:

1. Leo

2. Shay

3. Riama

4. Nikki

Oh, and also, I held a giant snake.




While I can’t guarantee giant snakes will be making a regular appearance on the blog, I do hope you’ll check back weekly to see some of my other NYC adventures! Know of any must-see attractions in the city? Leave a comment below so I can add it to my to-do list!

Before you go, be sure to click here to follow Kristalize Jewelry on Instagram for more fabulous jewels delivered to your feed daily, and click here to follow Zoe Karssen on Instagram!

As always, Have a Wesley Day!

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Happy Hump Day: Treat Yo’self

Hey guys.

What day is it?


You’re halfway to the end of the week, so I’ve got a (pretty amazing) mid-week treat for ya! Before you can find out what it is, though, listen up. Whine as you may…it’ll be way worth it.

You may be one of many who is head over heels in love with Kendra Scott. If not, then it’s time to get with the program, girl! Kendra Scott jewelry is showing up everywhere these days, from noted blogs such as Brighton the Day, Design Love Fest, and Elements of Style, to renowned fashion magazines like Glamour, InStyle and Elle. Women everywhere have fallen in love with the endless combinations of colors and unique settings of jewelry that Kendra Scott has to offer.

What’s even better, though, is that Kendra Scott has a motto of “fashion, family, and philanthropy,” so you can shop and feel great about it too! Give back in style by booking a Kendra Gives Back party at your local Kendra store, where 20% of all proceeds from your party will go to the cause of your choice!

When I say there are truly endless options of colors, settings, and styles to combine to make a truly unique piece of jewelry, I mean it! Get ready to fall in love, and let me introduce you to the Color Bar:



Not sure what a Color Bar is? I’ll give you a little briefing: it’s a section of the Kendra Scott store (completely unique to them, by the way) that includes an actual bar (sometimes with cupcakes and champagne!) that includes a few high-tech screens where you can select and customize whatever jewelry your heart desires! I could spend hours playing around with it.





The best part is that there’s no wait for delivery! They custom make the jewelry right in the back of the store so you can leave with it in hand! Told you it was pretty amazing.


In these pictures, I’m wearing a fabulous “All Day Soiree” two-piece set from The Mint Julep Boutique. Actually, you can have your choice of one-piece or two-piece with the buttons, so it’s perfectly appropriate no matter what! The name is rather fitting, don’t you think?


Look at this playful bow in the back! How adorable?!


Mint Julep is my latest go-to for trendy closet staples. They have an amazing (and large!) collection of fabulous finds that you can shop here on their website, and be sure to follow them on Instagram for a peek at all of their new arrivals! 124K others already have, so get on board!




No outfit is complete without accessorizing, and this one is no different! The Kendra Scott team picked out some gorgeous selections to go along with this look. Side note: Can they style me every day?! The first pick was the Rae Necklace in White Iridescent. This is a perfect choice for someone who loves versatility–I don’t know that I could name one thing this necklace wouldn’t look great with!

IMG_0122-1-cb  IMG_0131-1-cb

Next up: The Elton Bracelet in White Iridescent. If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram lately, you’ll notice that I have been a total bracelet snob lately. I simply cannot get enough, and this is a beautiful selection to add to any collection!




Finally, (my absolute favorite!!): The Sterling Statement Earrings in White Iridescent. Seriously. Y’all. I am still so not over how fabulous these are. These babies are sure to add an instant old-Hollywood glam factor when you need it most. Va va voom.




 So, here’s my proposal to you:

How would you like to win all of this Kendra Scott jewelry for yourself?

Thought so!

One lucky lady will walk away with all of the pieces I blogged about today!

This includes:

1. Rae Necklace in White Iridescent- $65

2. Elton Bracelet in White Iridescent- $55

3. Sterling Statement Earrings in White Iridescent- $85


That means over $200 worth of Kendra in yo’ closet, lady.

Here’s the lowdown:

The giveaway will run from today Wednesday, May 27th to next Wednesday, June 3rd. The winner will be announced on Saturday, June 6th!

How to enter:

1. Follow me @wesleydayshaw on Instagram

2. Follow @kendrascott on Instagram

3. Repost my Instagram post announcing the giveaway, tagging @wesleydayshaw in the picture itself so I can keep track of your entry

4. For an extra entry, tag a (real) friend in the comments of my Instagram post announcing the giveaway (optional)

5. For another extra entry, share this blog post on Facebook (optional)

Good luck, and Have A Wesley Day!



Weekly Recap: West Village + A Flirty Romper

Hey, friends! Another week in the Big Apple has gone by, and it has been a great one! As in, it’s been so eventful that I’m pretty sure I’m the one annoying my own mom with hour-long phone calls every night! Because of confidentiality, I can’t share everything I’d love to (sad face) about my internship with Seventeen, but I’ll share what I can! Here’s a little recap day by day of my second week!


Sunday: My friend Katrina and I went to the famous Ladurée in Soho for brunch. We could not have been more excited, until they dropped the bomb that we would need reservations. Silly mistake, but we picked up a few delicious macarons and scouted out a lovely restaurant around the corner to perch and enjoy our Sunday brunch! I’m thinking I might do a “favorite NYC places” blog post soon to share these little hideaways, so comment below if that’s something you’d be interested in!

Monday: I was able to go on my first Seventeen photo shoot! It was so amazing to see everything come together between the editors, stylists and models. Although I can’t share any of the juicy details, I will tell you that this crew was amazing, and it’s going to be beautiful. I’ll be sure to post when this particular article is published, so just give me a few months on that one:)

Tuesday: Quite honestly, the only thing I remember about this blur of a day is that I rode in the Hearst elevator with Joanna Coles (Editor in Chief at Cosmopolitan). *faints* That, and Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video came out. #squadgoals.

Wednesday: Another photo intern came in!! I am so happy to finally have another intern friend around the office. I spent the day showing her the ropes of everything she’s going to need to know during the course of the internship, and we’re already getting along great!

Thursday: I ran errands to find props all morning, and in the midst of all of that, I saw my first subway rat. It was disgusting.

Friday: My day off! I was a slug that day, and I only made it out for a few hours to scout out the most deliciously amazing crepe restaurant to have lunch. (See Sunday, and let me know what you think!)

Saturday: A few friends and I explored Soho, including a trip to the long awaited Mister Softee truck (we eat so much because we walk it off, okay??) and stumbling upon a few amazing sample sales! Sadly, Louis Vuitton on sale is still not in your girl’s price range. We then trekked to the World Trade Center on this Memorial Weekend, which was truly an amazing, and a little heartbreaking, sight.


In our adventures in West Village, my fabulous friend Katrina played blogtographer for this look from Vestique! Sex and the City fans, listen up: this was all shot on Carrie Bradshaw’s street! Stay tuned for a few shots around her place at the end!


P.S. Pigeons are to New York as squirrels are to Alabama. Starring, my lil’ pigeon friend.

This romper, called the Love in the Afternoon Playsuit, is one of many fabulous picks from Vestique, an adorable clothing boutique! The color is a clean, crisp white, which is perfect for a minimalist look, or an easy palette for some killer accessories!


I love rompers, because I find them so easy to dress up or down for almost any occasion! The light fabric on this particular one is fabulous for feeling cool and breezy on hot summer days.

IMG_0578-1-cb  IMG_0568-1-cb


This Chanel necklace is one you’ve seen before from South Boutique! (Similar here!) It’s the perfect accessory to add instant glam for a special occasion, this one happening to be the Chanel No. 5 exhibit we visited earlier that day! If you want to see more details from the exhibit, check out my Instagram for a few BTS shots.


Surprise! This romper has a little party in the back. The deep V adds a flirty touch, making it perfect for a day out on the town, or grabbing drinks with the girls after work.


The best part is, this romper is only $40. Click here to grab one for yourself before they’re all gone!


Below are a few shots I took around West Village. It’s truly an enchanting little area, so take a look at the magic for yourself!






Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment below!!


I hope you all have had an amazing week, no matter where you are! Leave a comment below if there is anything in particular you’d like to see me blog about during my time in NYC, and I’ll do my best to make it happen!

Cheers to another amazing week, and Have a Wesley Day<3



Weekly Recap: 10 Things I Know About NYC So Far


As some of you know, I just moved to NYC last week to begin my summer internship with Seventeen Magazine. This huge leap of faith has already led to a new adventure every single day, and even though I’ve really only been totally independent in the city for a few days (thanks, Mom:)), I have already learned SO MUCH. I began my internship on Monday morning (it’s amazing!!), and I already feel like I’ve been here for months! To break it down for ya, I’ve put together a list of what I’ve learned about NYC thus far, because a lot of it is helpful, and a lot of it is also fun to laugh at my stupidity. (And also a fun little Alabama-meets-NYC look below!) So, whether you’re laughing with me or at me, here goes nothing:


What I Know About NYC So Far:

1. Everyone wears black. From top to bottom. Every day. My Lilly for Target is going to stand out for sure.

2. There are different entrances to go uptown and downtown on the subway. Who knew? Not me and my mom when we were navigating Manhattan by ourselves last weekend…

3. Not everyone knows Alabama is a state/exists at all. I wish I was kidding…but on the bright side, everyone thinks your jokes are hilarious if you say them with a southern accent (though sometimes they aren’t jokes at all and you’re left feeling very confused).

4. Most people aren’t rude, they’re just minding their own business. I’ve actually witnessed quite a few people giving up their seats on the subway for ladies and opening doors *tear tear*. There are, however, some people who are just straight up rude. People really seem to appreciate the little things like smiling and saying “please” and “thank you” when you’re being served.

5. Speaking of which…the people who serve you are the BEST PEOPLE! Seriously. I didn’t know that the Hearst cafe closed at 2:30, and this dear man behind the counter happily whipped me up some leftovers so I could eat that afternoon. So so sweet.

6. Ice cream: Yes. Ice cream cones: No. It is super windy and hot outside, and it will completely drip all over you and your clothes within 30 seconds if you’re dumb enough to try it. (Or so I heard from a friend…)

7. Necessities: 1. Hand sanitizer. 2. Sneakers. NOT flip flops. Sneakers. 3. Duct tape. (Can actually be used to keep band-aids in place…Dad would be proud.)

8. You can actually get wine delivered right to your door.

9. The best thing you can do at a new internship is to accept the fact that you may not do things perfectly the first time, and just dive right in and give it a shot. Asking questions is okay, but the sooner you get over that and just go for it, the better!

10. There will be many ups and downs, and moments of being lost in Harlem by yourself (this really happened), but it is all SO worth it in the end. The sense of accomplishment you’ll have at the end of the week is unlike any other!



Now onto some fashion! This look is featuring some of my old favorite brands, as well as some fabulous new ones! Get this: my apartment has an amazing rooftop terrace where I have already spent many a sunset with a to-die-for skyline view including the Empire State Building. *le sigh* All of this was shot up there, so enjoy a little glimpse of what NYC life is like!:)


This cute and super comfy striped dress is from Ruby Claire Boutique, called the “Tied Up in Love Dress“. I am a huge fan of t-shirt dresses, but this one has a new take on the same ole thing. I love how it’s off-the-shoulder with a cute lil’ tie up makes it something extra special and still SO easy to throw on for a day of village exploring.


P.S. Wanna win a gift card to Ruby Claire Boutique?! Check out my Instagram in a lil’ bit for more details!



I treated myself to a little first week “happy” as I like to call them, with this floppy hat from Forever 21! Hats are my jam, since my curly hair can be a bit of a surprise from day to day. I love this color, because I think it looks so great on all different hair colors! The fabric is also light enough not to weigh you down on hot days, and it’s only $15, so all around A+!



This necklace is a sweet gift from Kendra Scott, and I just cannot get enough. (Blog post and GIVEAWAY coming very soon!) I have seen this periwinkle color everywhere this season, so combine that with the jewelry designer everyone is wearing these days for a sure win.



IMG_0334-1-cbThis kimono is an old favorite from Pants Store, and they are always revamping their inventory with on point floral kimonos, so be sure to check them out for all of your kimono needs.


Chelsea Joyce Designs has some incredible and adorable jewelry designs! I cannot get enough of the druzy stone trend, and this bracelet is simply fabulous. Click here to visit her totally new and revamped website to snag one for yourself!


Many thanks to my fabulous BFF Caroline for these pictures! Be sure to click the links below to follow all of the fabulous brands mentioned on Instagram for more great fashion! (You’ll need to for a fabulous giveaway coming on my Instagram very soon!)

Click here to follow Ruby Claire Boutique.

Click here to follow Kendra Scott.

Click here to follow Chelsea Joyce Designs.

Click here to follow Pants Store.


Stay updated on all of my adventures on NYC by coming back to Have A Wesley Day for a weekly recap! I can’t wait to share with all of you!


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What Would Audrey Do?

Happy (belated) Birthday, Audrey! In honor of my biggest role model, Audrey Hepburn’s, birthday this Monday (couldn’t quite get the post finished in time;)) I came up with a classic look inspired by her timeless style. When I say Audrey is my role model, I don’t mean like I pin photos of her on Pinterest occasionally (which I do, more than occasionally). I mean like I love her as much as I loved Britney in the 90’s, real talk.

Although I admire Audrey for her covetable sense of style, what many people tend to overlook is her intelligence, work ethic, and passion for service to others. A little known fact is that she was a trained ballerina who was fluent in five different languages. Growing up in Belgium, Audrey worked many odd jobs as a dental assistant, filing clerk, and occasional teacher of French to raise money to pursue her acting career. After making her mark on the film industry as one of the most noted actresses of our time, she spent several years as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, becoming the recipient of the highly regarded Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for her efforts.

As I make my move to New York City today (!!!), Audrey’s passion and pursuit of her dreams continues to inspire me during this kind of crazy leap of faith. As I begin my internship with Seventeen Magazine, I’m keeping in mind that, yes, the fashion rocks, but I also have the opportunity to serve in ways others might not see. Having the opportunity to be a light in the lives of girls struggling through high school years is something so invaluable to me.

So, what would Audrey do? She’d quit her job, move to New York City, pursue her dreams, and try to make the world a little better place in the process.



It may need to be credited to black and white film, but it seems to me that a favorite color palette of Audrey’s was a classic black and white. This amazing skirt from Ruby Claire Boutique is actually called the Audrey A-Line, pretty perfect, right?!


It has a gorgeous, classic silhouette, and I might add, is a heck of a lot of fun to spin around in.



Though this look is dedicated to Audrey Hepburn, I do feel a bit like Meredith Blake in this wide-brimmed sun hat. Don’t get the reference? We might need to rethink our friendship;)




PTL for family who understands my borderline obsession with Audrey Hepburn and gifts like this book, Fifty Dresses That Changed the World. Although Audrey is the cover star, it looks at some of the most iconic dresses that changed society as we know it.


I. Love. Kiel James Patrick. Not only are he and his fiance, Sarah Vickers so much fun to keep up with on Instagram on all of their many adventures, but they also have an amazing line of classic, nautical jewelry and so much more. Most of their jewelry is named after iconic actresses and celebrities, so you can only guess where I’m going with this.



Quite conveniently, this pearl bracelet is actually named the “Audrey Hepburn”, and the bow bracelet is called the “Betty Draper” (Mad Men, anyone?).



I cannot wait to share all of my experiences in New York with all of you, so I hope that you’ll take the time to come back and visit for updates during my stay the next three months! If ever you have doubts about chasing your dreams, I hope you’ll also find inspiration in asking yourself, “What would Audrey do?”

Let’s go get ’em.




Don’t forget to click here to visit Ruby Claire Boutique, and here to follow them on Instagram!

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